Download and Install iOS 11

OS 11 is the most advanced and revolutionary mobile operating system of the Apple's history. Apple officially provides iOS 11 beta 2 installation links to Apple developers now. But there are some methods available to ordinary users to install iOS 11 beta 2 their devices. Apple will officially introduce iOS 11 for all users with iPhone 8 in Next September. All latest devices will be compatible with iOS 11.

Install iOS 11 Just Now ( For All Users)

Currently, There are three solutions available to download iOS 11 right now.

  1. Register as an Apple Developer
  2. Use Sylorix to Install iOS 11
  3. Install X11 application

1.Register as an Apple Developer

Register as an Apple Developer is the only official way to install iOS 11 before other users. Apple serves upcoming iOS versions for Apple developers before ordinary users. You must register as an Apple developer at Apple developer page. This method is cumbersome and very expensive. But You can receive official iOS 11 update when you complete the registration process as Apple developer with subscription payment at Apple developer page. It's $99 recurring payment.

2.Use Sylorix to Install iOS 11

This method is the recommended method to install iOS 11 if you are not an Apple developer.

Guide to install iOS 11 using Sylorix

Step 1 - Go to Sylorix website.

Step 2 - Download the Sylorix Application according to your computer OS. Download the Sylorix exe file if you are Windows user, Download the dmg file if you are a Mac user.

Step 3 - Install the software to your computer.

Step 4 - Open the software and Select "iOS" as your OS version, Then select your device model.

iOS 11 beta download

Step 5 - Now you can download the IPSW file according to your device model.

IPSW 11.0

Step 6 - Now Open the iTunes and backup your device.

Step 7 - Then hold the Swift key on your keyboard and click the "Update" button of iTunes.

Step 8 - It takes few minutes to install iOS 11 to your device.

3.Install X11 Application

X11 was the great method to install iOS 11 beta 2 all iOS users. Unfortunately, This method is no longer available. Please consider about Sylorix method to install iOS 11.

Advantages of Installing iOS 11 Through X11

  • It's 100% free.
  • It's safe and reversible.
  • You can run iOS 11 demonstration on your device before installing it.
  • You can check your device compatibility from the X11 app.
  • No need a technical knowledge. ( You must have an advanced knowledge to install iOS 11 using Apple developer account).

Check video for more about X11

Step Guide to Installing iOS 11 Using X11 (Just Now)

Step 1 - Install the X11 app from the following button.

Install X11

You must visit this page from the Safari browser of your iPhone, iPad or iPod to install the app.

Step 2 - Open the X11 app and tap the iOS 11 compatibility tab, Then you can check the iOS 11 compatibility of your device.

iOS 11 compatibility

If your device is iPhone 5S, iPad 3, iPod touch (3G) or another older devices, You will not be able to download iOS 11.

Step 3 - Open the app. Tap "iOS 11 Install" tab. Then tap the Install iOS Beta Updater Profile.

install iOS 11

Step 4 - Now you have to enter a unique iOS 11 developer code. Tap following button to generate an iOS 11 developer code.

Genarate Code

Step 5 - Copy the generated iOS 11 developer code and paste it as the following picture.

iOS 11 installtion continue.

Step 6 - Now you can install cracked iOS 11 beta profile and the latest iOS developer beta version.You must enter your security code/passcode to install it.

iOS 11 security code

Step 7 - After the installation of iOS 11 beta profile, You must restart the device.

iOS 11 beta profile

Step 8 - Go to General, About and Software Update, Then update your device to the latest developer beta version.

Downloaded iOS 11

Step 9 - Now go to 11 app again. Then tap "Install iOS 11 beta" button

iOS 11 install beta button

iOS 11 Compatible Devices

iOS 11 Compatible

iOS 11 Doesn't Compatible

Not Sure
iPhone 7 Plus/ iPhone 7. iPhone 4, iPhone 4s. iPhone 8 (upcoming).
iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone 5. iPad Pro 2.(upcoming / not sure).
iPhone 6/ iPhone SE. iPhone 2G/ iPhone 3G. iPad Pro 12.9-inch/iPad Pro 9.7-inch.
iPad Mini 4/ The iPad Mini 3. iPhone 3GS. iPad Air 3 (upcoming / not sure).
iPad Air 2/ iPad Air.

iOS 11 Jailbreak

iOS 11 will be the toughest to jailbreak among all the iOS versions. Although it is the toughest, we could not say it is impossible. We all know that the jailbreakers were clever enough to jailbreak most of the iOS versions which were said as "nearly impossible to jailbreak". We will update you with every bit of jailbreak stuff immediately after it is released. So keep in touch with us to get the latest informaton about iOS 11 jailbreak.

TaiG's Contribution Towards iOS 11 Jailbreak

TaiG is getting ready for the iOS 11 jailbreak. Everything is ready on TaiG's side and waiting until the iOS 11 is released. After a proper background study about the new file system it seems like the older methods will not apply for iOS 11 jailbreak. But let us hope for the best and expect a good jailbreak for iOS 11 soon after it is released.

Program in Swift on iPad

iOS 11 will allow iPad Pro users to run a light version of xcode and test swift code on their iPads. This is still in an arguable state since the community thinks that this feature will be an extra burden to the overall performance. At the same time, most people will love this new behavior, as it will help them to test their apps even without a computer.