iOS 11 Release date

iOS 11 is still far from reach, but already, there are rumors about the release date and new features of iOS 11. Therefore, it is better to be aware of the upcoming iOS 11 release. Generally, Apple will reveal about their next releases and enhancements while delivering their keynote during the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) which falls in mid of every year. This time, Apple has announced their WWDC for the year 2017, from 5th of June to 9th of June.
Even it is too early to predict, according to the past records of Apple, we could assume that the main iOS 11 release will happen by the end of September 2017 parallelly with the release of new iPhone 8.

Before the iOS 11 release, we could expect several more updates for iOS 10.

New features in iOS 11

Although there isn't any official statements about iOS 11 release, there are several rumours and leaked information about this release. Let's find out what will be there in iOS 11.

  1. Group facetime
  2. Split screen on iPhone
  3. Minimized apps on iPad similar to desktop
  4. Program in Swift on iPad
  5. Dark mode
  6. Family sharing iCloud accounts

Let's have a closer look at each and every feature of iOS 11.

Group facetime

Apple is going to introduce group facetime calls in iOS 11. This multi user facetime call feature is finally going to happen because of the endless requests from the users. This will basically similar to the skype calls.
According to the updated information, there will be a screen sharing feature arriving along with the group facetime. Since most of us are unable to troubleshoot iPhone issues ourselves, screen sharing will be a great solution for us to get expertise knowledge.

Split screen on iPhone

Split screen on iPhone is another useful and important feature to come. Users can use their iPhone screen to do multitasks at the same time. The splitted screen sizes will be adjustable as per the requirement.
This feature development is still under early stages. Therefore we could expect a primary version of two splitted screens from the initial release.

Minimized apps on iPad similar to desktop

As per the rumours, Apple is now experimenting on the usability of app minimizing on iPads similar to the desktop versions. If implemented, most users would love this feature. There were several tweets about this minimized apps feature where the iPad users have commented on how exited they are to use it. This will be easy to use because most users are familiar with the desktop version and they prefer to user their iPads in a similar manner.
According to the leaked information, Apples' plan is to place the minimize apps in the launch pad and moving and dragging it to a corner will perform the miximizing function.

Program in Swift on iPad

iOS 11 will allow iPad pro users to run a light version of xcode and test swift code on their ipads. This is still in an arguable state since the community thinks that this feature will be an extra burdan to the overall performance.
At the same time most people will love this new behaviour, as it will help them to test their apps even without a computer.

Dark Mode

This was the most requested feature from the iDevice users. Even you may have experienced difficulties when working in a darker environment. Some people argue that the main reason behind the dark mode concept is to save battery life. But in out point of view, this has only a little to do with the battery power saving. Even though the dark mode uses more darker pixels it still needs to have the pixel on.
Moreover, we believe this Dark mode concept will arrive earlier than iOS 11 with the release of iOS 10.3. Apple has not stated anything about this yet, therefore we must wait.

How to install iOS 11 beta for free

We will allow you to download and install iOS 11 beta for free using Cylorix app. In the normal process, you will need to signup for the Apple's developer beta program, in order to download beta versions. But now, using the Cylorix app, you will not need to signup or login for anything. And the best part of this is, the whole process of Cylorix is free.
At this time iOS 11 beta is not released. You can bookmark and visit us again later using your iphone to download and install the iOS 11 beta directly to your device.