iOS 11.3 jailbreak

Last Updated: 19th February 2018

iOS 11.3 jailbreak, surely the most popular word in the jailbreak community in the months to come, is waiting in the line until the official version of iOS 11.3 is released. And it is expected that new features of iOS 11.3 that have already been revealed by Apple would also be taken into account by iOS 11.3 Jailbreak app developers which is quite fascinating to find.
Latest Cydia compatible jailbreak that has been released to the public is Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1. Yet Cydia apps are there to be seen in different sources such as TaigOne.
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Install TaigOne

How to install TaigOne Jailbreak App Installer

TaigOne can be installed either by tethering your iDevice to a computer (with computer method) or via no computer online method.
Please visit TaigOne page for step by step installation guide.

iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Alternatives and Jailbreak Possibilities

LiberiOS Jailbreak

LiberiOS is the much talked jailbreak tool in the most recent days for iOS 11 jailbreak. Because in the time of no hope for a possible jailbreak after iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak , LiberiOS developed by Ian Beer, was able to trespass iOS Kernel and make jailbreak possible. It is compatible with all the iOS versions within iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2. Its advancement to come up as a newer jailbreak tool for newer iOS 11, the jailbreaking method still remains semi-untethered in nature though. That means, you still have to re-jailbreak your iDevice each time you go for a restart or reboot.

Now it remains as a clear fact that LiberiOS has done a lot in making jailbreak possible for iOS 11. (Read more on iOS 11.1 - iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak and iOS 11 - iOS 11.0.3 jailbreak) Therefore it is highly likely that the same would soon come with a possible approach to jailbreak iOS 11.3 as it was released.

Yalu Jailbreak

Yalu is a jailbreak tool created by the famous developer in the jailbreak community, Luca Tedesco. This is compatible with almost all the versions of iOS and iDevices except with iOS 10.2 or later. The most interesting thing is that Yalu jailbreak has given iOS users an array of tweaked apps, themes or extensions to enjoy which are particularly outside the iOS environment for free. To jailbreak, you may simply apply cydia impactor method in which you need to drag and drop the .ipa file on to the launcher.

Electra Jailbreak

This is a semi untethered jailbreak released by CoolStar for all 64-bit iDevices running on iOS 11 - 11.1.2. Yet it should be noted that Electra Jailbreak cannot bring Cydia on the iOS device as there is no compatible iOS for it yet. And this can be achieved by using Cydia impactor like you did with Yalu jailbreak.

iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Alternatives

TaigOne by Taig

Only the jailbroken iOS device owners can say how inconvenient it was for them to find a compatible jailbreak tool. Some tools appeared to be fake and futile. With the overload of information on the internet, some did not get quite an idea of the concept as different sites and blogs published things differently. And most importantly some other blogs just wanted you to hang on their page rather than satisfying you with a one stop jailbreak solution. Taig, being in the field for years simply have understood this and come up with a one stop solution. It is TaigOne. TaigOne jailbreak finder is an online app which helps iOS user find the compatible jailbreak tool for your device. Now with this online app, you don’t have to worry searching. One click on a tab automatically identifies your iOS and emerges with the compatible Jailbreak tools enabling you to choose and go for the jailbreaking process.

TweakMo UDID Registration

tweakmo logo

TweakMo is a cydia alternative you might try out. The most advantageous factor is that you don’t have to have your iOS device jailbroken so as to enjoy jailbroken apps even on iOS 11.3. This offers you an array of jailbroken apps or extensions under three main membership categories. To name them, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Under Platinum membership they give you UDID registration to your iOS devices in addition to all the apps available in TweakMo. UDID registration allows TweakMo have your device identity in their database and keep you recorded as a loyal customer. Ultimately the UDID registered customer will benefit in their future releases and products.

Houdini Semi Jailbreak

houdini logo

This is another jailbreak developed by Abraham Masri. That allows iOS jailbreak users enjoy third party apps, themes or extensions outside the App Store. It may sound pretty ordinary to you. But it actually is not. Because it installs own App managers. You cannot find Cydia on it. But plays a huge role in the jailbreak apps environment.

Compatible iOS versions are mentioned below

iOS 11.1.2 , iOS 11.1.1 , iOS 11.1 , iOS 11.0.3 , iOS 11.0.2 , iOS 11.0.1 , iOS 11 , iOS 10
iOS 10.1 , iOS 10.1.1 , iOS 10.2 , iOS 10.2.1 , iOS 10.3 , iOS 10.3.2

How to Install jailbreak Apps / Jailbreak Tweaks on iOS 11.3 Running Devices

Jailbreaking your iDevice opens up a new world to you with its jailbroken apps. Modifies features and gives a newer trendy personality to your device. But, jailbreaking process is quite complicated for many since it demands the user to have bit of a research and proceed. In the process, he finds that getting the right jailbreak and enjoying tweaked apps or jailbroken apps without any disturbance is quite difficult as well as frustrates with the information overload on the internet. Thanks to eager developers in the iOS community, an app called TaigOne that has been introduced by them seems to have worked. TaigOne acts as a jailbreak finder which identifies user’s iOS device and suggests the best jailbreak tool available. If there’s not jailbreak for the relevant iOS version that the customer is having, it will display the Cydia alternatives that contains jailbroken apps.
For eg.
We all are aware that a compatible version of Cydia is still not available for iOS 11. Still you may get jailbreak apps, or tweaked apps on your iOS without actually jailbreaking your device. That is by installing Cydia alternatives like TweakMo.