iOS 12.2 Jailbreak

Last Updated: 2019-10-15

fastest semi-untethered Unc0ver Jailbreak and Chimera Jailbreak have been released for iOS 12.2. Use TaigOne Jailbreak to download and install both unc0ver jailbreak and Chimera Jailbreak without using a computer. It is easy and reliable online method to download Unc0ver and Chimera for iOS 12.2.

Unc0ver Jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak with iOS 12.2 support by Pwn20wnd

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Chimera Jailbreak

Download Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 12.2 now.

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Find Jailbreak Tools, Install Tweaks and Add Cydia Repos using Taigone

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Li's Tweaks

Install Hacked Apps and Games with unlimited Gems or Coins

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1. Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 12.2

Unc0ver jailbreak v3.7.0 beta 3 has been released. This beta version now supports iOS 12.2 as well as iOS 12.4. The latest release of unc0ver jailbreak was marked as the fastest semi-untethered jailbreak yet (v3.4.0 and v3.7.0). You can now download unc0ver Jailbreak for your iOS 12.2 from TaigOne. Download unc0ver jailbreak ipa from here.

Download unc0ver ipa

Follow the below step guide and install unc0ver Jailbreak now.

How to install unc0ver jailbreak from TaigOne

visit taig 12.2 page

  • Tap on Install TaigOne button.

tap on install taigone button

  • Tap on allow

tap on Allow

  • Go to Settings --> Profile Downloaded and Tap on install

go to profile downloaded

  • Now you have successfully installed TaigOne. Then Open TaigOne app.

open taigone app

  • You can find unc0ver jailbreak on jailbreak tab.

find unc0ver jailbreak on TaigOne

unc0ver v3.7.0 beta 3 consists this following change.

  • Full-fledged A12-A12X support with Cydia and system-wide tweak injection
  • Fix Camera on A12-A12X devices
  • Fix GPS on A12-A12X devices
  • Fix Face ID on A12-A12X devices

unc0ver v3.6.3 consists this following change.
  • Fix an issue with finding kernel offsets on A8
So that means currently for iOS 12.0-12.2 and iOS 12.4, unc0ver jailbreak supported on A7-A12 and A12X devices.

2. Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 12.2

The famous Electra Team has made their move again with extended support for iOS 12.2 jailbreak. Now Chimera version 1.3.9 has been out with support for A7-A11 devices. This version supports all devices on iOS 12 - iOS 12.1.2 as usual and A7 - A11 devices on iOS 12.1.3 - iOS 12.2.
Now you can download Chimera Jailbreak by two methods.

  1. Online Method - No computer needed
  2. Computer method - by Chimera ipa

How to download Chimera Jailbreak - Online method

Step 1: Just open TaigOne as you have guided above.
Step 2: Chimera Jailbreak is at the top of our jailbreak tool list and give a tap on it.
Step 3: That's it. Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 12.2 is all yours now with these easy 3 steps. Enjoy Chimera on iOS 12.2.

How to download Chimera Jailbreak with computer

You can use Cydia Impactor to install Chimera by Computer method.

Download Chimera ipa

Download ChimeraTV 1.3.9

Step 1 - Visit and download the latest version of Cydia Impactor.
              Note:Keep in mind to connect your device to the computer

Step 2 - Please enter your iCloud account name and password


Step 3 - Either drag and drop the ipa of Chimera which can be downloaded from above button or select 'Devices' from the menu and then select 'Install packages'. Then select on the package you want to install. click on 'Open'

Step 4 - This will take few seconds and then you will find Chimera.ipa has been installed to your phone. Enjoy Chimera Jailbreak on your iOS 12.2.

Special Note: Chimera latest version supports for some beta versions of iOS 12.3 ( iOS 12.3 beta 6 is not compatible).

3. TaigOne for iOS 12.2

This as the name explains is a jailbreak tool finder but have many more alluring features. This finds the exact tools for your exact iOS version and in your case this will find the jailbreak tools for iOS 12.2.

If you do not want to jailbreak the device now, but to have jailbreak alternatives, then TaigOne offers you alternative ways and tools to have the same apps and features of a jailbreak without actually jailbreaking your device.
Let's see the features of Taigone.

Taigone Features

Jailbreak Tool Finder Taigone detects the iOS version of your iPhone/iPad and finds jailbreak tools according to your iOS version
Jailbreak Alternative Finder TaigOne will find you the best suitable jailbreak and Cydia alternatives according to your device.
Jailbreak Repo / Cydia Repository Installer Now you can easily add the repos from our repo list and install the tweaks you were searching for, without actually jailbreaking the device.
Tweak Installer (iOS 12 and up) This feature is for iOS 12 and higher versions. Install the tweaks faster and without any hassle.
Cydia and Sileo Installer Not every device supports Cydia/Sileo as it requires jailbreak. So we offer Lightweight Cydia and Sileo without jailbreak. With this version of Cydia and Sileo you can get the experience of full Cydia and Sileo.
Please note this has limited functionality.

How to Install Taigone?

There are two methods to install Taigone on iOS 12.2. Please note that these two methods can be used in iOS 12.2 and for iOS 12.3 Jailbreak as well.

  1. Online / Mobile Method
  2. Computer Method using Cydia Impactor

    1.Online / Mobile Method

    Follow these steps using safari browser your iPhone / iPad.

    1. Visit page.
    2. Tap on "Install TaigOne" button.
    3. Tap "Allow" when popup appears.
    4. Go to "Settings" of your device and Tap on "Profile Downloaded"
    5. Find TaigOne and tap on install
    6. Now you have successfully installed TaigOne

    Install TaigOne

    2. Computer Method (For Advanced PC Users)

    This method uses Cydia Impactor and installes Taigone.ipa to your iPad or iPod. This method is only for the advanced users.

    1. Download Cydia Impactor
    2. Download Taigone.ipa
    3. Install Taigone.ipa as in the following step by step guide video

    Note: ipa only valids for 7 days. But installing TaigOne from your mobile will keep the apps forever until you uninstall them.

    4. Li's Tweaks

    Chinese Hacker, Li Yuan Ying 李渊英 (@LiTweaks) has released two apps for non jailboken devices to feel your device is jailbroken. As jailbreak is not available for iOS 12.2, we offer both Ying and Pong for 100% Free from TaigOne

    1. Pong - Hacked Games App with unlimited Coins and Gems
    2. Ying - Hacked App Collection with all social profile duplicators


    pong logo

    Pong is a game store which contains hundreds of hacked games. Pong hacked version is now available in TaigOne. Pong is not available in App store and can be downloaded via TaigOne or official website.

    Install Pong via TaigOne     Visit Li's Tweaks

    Pong Registration Codes

    You need a registration code for Pong. Use one of the following codes to register Pong.

    XG189 K4YHG MY132 UL8HK KLP51 M00EC

    How to Install Pong via TaigOne

    You can download Pong from TaigOne as mentioned before. This method is only for mobile devices. Follow the below step by step guide for installing Pong directly to your iPhone/ iPad

    Note: Follow these steps by your mobile.

    • Tap on above install button and install TaigOne. Open TaigOne and select Pong from the given list.

    Open TaigOne and select Pong

    • Select Pong and tap on Install button as shown in the image.

    Select Pong and tap on Install button

    • Now tap on "Allow" and then tap on install.

    tap on Allow

    • Just select and copy a one from below personal regsitration codes. Open the app again and paste the code.

    • XG189 K4YHG MY132 UL8HK KLP51 M00EC

    copy and paste registration code

    • That's all. Now you have successfully registered your "Pong".
      Enjoy unlimited coins and gems using "Pong".

    Enjoy pong

    Device compatibility for Pong
    • iPhone X , iPhone 8 & Plus, Phone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S
    • iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4,iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro


    Ying is a Social media duplicates and tweaked app store by Li Yuan Ying. This offers you social media duplicates such as Facebook++, Youtube++, Instagram++, Whatsapp++, NBA++, Tinder++, Spotify++ and many more.

    Ying can be downloaded in two ways for your convenient.
    1. From TaigOne - 100% free (Fully hacked version)
    2. From - Charges apply

    Ying supports iOS 12 and up and now you can unlock all the premium features of the social medias apps by this Social++ app installer. Click on below buttons to install Ying and refer the below step guide on how to install Ying from TaigOne.

    Install Ying via TaigOne     Visit Li's Tweaks

    How to install Ying from TaigOne

    Note: Follow these steps by your mobile.

    • Download TaigOne from the above installtion button. Open TaigOne and Select Ying from the list.

    Open TaigOne and Select Ying from the list

    • Now tap on the install button as shown in the image.

    install button

    • Tap on Allow in order to provide authentication.

    Tap on Allow

    • Tap on install and type your passcode for aunthentication. Then done.

    type your passcode

    • You will see Ying has installed in to your Home screen, Enjoy Ying.

    Enjoy Ying

    Yiti App

    Yiti is a paid and pro app installer for iOS 12.2. If you are running on iOS 12.2 and looking for a way to install Paid Apps for free, Yiti is the solution.
    Yiti is a paid app originally and it gives you thousand dollar worth set of apps for just $19.99 via their official website. We offer Yiti Pro for discounted price via TaigOne.

    How to Install Yiti?

    In order to install Yiti Pro, you have to install TaigOne. TweakMo will also bring you Yiti in near future for iOS 12.2.

    Install via Taigone     Get From YitiApps ($19.99)

    Step by step guide of Yiti Installation (Using Taigone)

    • Install TaigOne from the above install button. Open TaigOne and select Yiti from the list.

    Open TaigOne and select Yiti from the list

    • Now tap on the install button as shown in the image.

    tap on the install button

    • Tap on Allow in order to provide authentication.

    Tap on Allow

    • Tap on install.

    Tap on install.

    • Then You will be asked to type your passcode and then tap on install.
      That's it .Now You have successfully installed "Yiti". Enjoy - It's not an ordinary app store

    Enjoy Yiti

    Cydia Checker

    Fully functional Cydia is now available for iOS 12.2 and also Sileo. TaigOne offers you an easy way of finding Cydia.

    This Cydia Checker offers you the availability of Cydia according to your iOS version. If Cydia is available for your iOS version, it will show you the method for installing Cydia. If Cydia is not available, it will find the Cydia alternatives for your iOS version.

    How to Install Cydia Checker?

    You can Install Cydia Checker via TaigOne. TweakMo will bring you Cydia Checker soon with their latest release. In the same time you can Install it directly from the button below.

    Install via Taigone     Direct Install

    iOS 12.2 Jailbreak Status

    This unc0ver jailbreak now support for iOS 12 - 12.2.
    iOS 12 jailbreak and iOS 12.1 jailbreak have been already released as tethered and Untethered by various hackers.

    Jailbreak concepts were immersed by various teams such as Unc0ver Jailbreak by Pwn20wnd, RootlessJB by Jake James, Pandora Jailbreak, Luca Todesco, Electra by CoolStar and many more.

    Security researcher Liang Chen from keenLabs has also demoed a working jailbreak for iOS 12.1.3 – iOS 12.2 at Infiltrate 2019. This jailbreak is a complete jailbreak that constituted PAC and APRR bypass and Cydia running in iPhone XS Max. But minus point in this jailbreak is most probably this won't appear for public usage. KeenLabs never released their jailbreaks as something for public usage and this also will be fall to the same category.

    Since this is not meant for public, users have to use Chimera and unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 12 - 12.2.
    You have to be careful in this quest for a jailbreak tool as there are many scams available in the searches. Use any trusted tool or service so that your device will not get harmed and your money get a worth for the cost.
    Apple will do their best to secure the new iOS verisons like iOS 12.3 in future and hackers have to work hard to find a loophole in these advanced systems to achieve Jailbreak on iOS 12.3 and up.
    iOS 12.4 jailbreak has been achieved by pwn20wnd and Electra team.

iOS 12.2 Jailbreak News

iOS 12.2 Jailbreak has been released

The news we have reported right below was extended and confirmed as a public Jailbreak tool for iOS 12.2. Unc0ver jailbreak has extended it's support up to iOS 12.2.

Unc0ver Jailbreak supported versions

  1. iOS 12
  2. iOS 12.1
  3. iOS 12.1.1
  4. iOS 12.1.2
  5. iOS 12.1.3
  6. iOS 12.1.4
  7. iOS 12.2
  8. iOS 12.4

The famous unc0ver jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd has got full advantage of Ned Williamson's kernal exploit and has managed to slip thorugh the tough barriers of iOS 12.2. So now this is public and available via TaigOne.

iOS 12.2 kernal exploit found. iOS 12.2 jailbreak becoming a reality.

Ned Williamson who is working with Google zero project has found a long awaited kernal exploit of iOS 12.2. He has managed to get kernal task_port using only CVE-2019-8605 for iOS 12.2 and he has tested thing on iPhone 6s+. This makes us to hope once again for a jailbreak for iOS 12.2. Most probably this would lead to iOS 12.2 jailbreak sooner and we recommend you to not to have upgrades and stay as low as possible.
We would get back to you with the newest update from the jailbreak front. Stay alert with Taig9.

iOS 12.2 keranl task_port

iOS 13 has been released

iOS 13 has been released along with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro version iPhones. There are many alluring features and device updates in this release. Read here for more details in iOS 13 jailbreak and iOS 13.1 jailbreak.

iOS 12.2 Jailbreak update by Dany

Lately a tweet by Dany Lisiansky who is a hacker and a researcher has evoked the jailbreak community. He has tweeted saying that his previously discovered iOS 12.2 vulnerabilities have been patched by Apple with the release of iOS 12.3.
Lisiansky, has acted as a reporter for Apple for these three individual vulnerabilities which have been patched with the release of iOS 12.3.
According to his tweet,

"Apple just released iOS 12.3, which includes patches for 3 vulnerabilities I discovered: CVE-2019-8593, CVE-2019-8568, CVE-2019-8637. I’ll publish the exploits as soon as possible".

He has confirmed that these exploits are not kernal related and tfp0 cannot be achieved. But these exploits can be used for further exploits and finally can lead to iOS 12.2 jailbreak.

hint of Jailbreak iOS 12.2

Apple Released iOS 12.2

iOS 12.2 has been released with a set of amazing features and we will list out the key features for jailbreakers to enjoy. This will be the last until September as per the news and users have to hang on onto iOS 12.2 it seems.

  1. Color Picker Keyboard - Users are free to select the color for the text inputs in notes and some other places. This use HTML5 color picker tool
  2. New Animojis - New set of animojis has been released to play with
  3. Four beautiful new Animoji characters for ios 12.2
  4. Air Quality in Apple Maps - Apple maps now shows the quality of the air in the map in color of Green, Orange and Red according to the air pollution
  5. Hey Siri to the new Airpods - The airpods listens to the user voice commands and send it to the connected device to process.
  6. Customize Downtime - You can adjust the downtime of your device for each day
  7. Motion & Orientation Access - Safari will control the morions and let users tilt / scroll to activate the motions

What's new in watch OS 5.2?

watchOS 5.2 with new watch faces

new hermes watch face

new hermes watch face

Both watchOS 5.2 and iOS 12.2 has been released and keep in touch with us or bookmark this page for jailbreak related news.

Next AirPods coming with "Hey Siri" feature

AirPods going to be cool with "Hey Siri". Apple confirms that their new AirPods version will coming with "Hey Siri" feature. Apple currently working with this new AirPods, supporting iOS 12.2. This will respond to user's voice and recognize all commands by themselves and send it into the paired iOS device.
Are you waiting to hear more surprising news like this? So stay with taig9.

iOS 12.2 Jailbreak Alternatives

There are several jailbreak alternatives for iOS 12.2. Let's discuss one by one.

Taigone for iOS 12.2

Taigone for iOS 12.2

Taigone Jailbreak Tool finder will help you to find iOS 12.2 Jailbreak Tools, to find iOS 12.2 Jailbreak Alternatives, to install iOS 12.2 Cydia Demo and Cydia Alternatives and to Install Sileo (Cydia Replacement for iOS 12 and up). Also it gives you the option to install 100+ paid apps for absolutely free.


Moicons for iOS 12.2

Moicons is an icon customizer. It will change your app icon that you love from your photo library and change the display app name that you want. Moicons will do this all without jailbreaking your iDevice.


Ying for iOS 12.2

Ying is a social media duplicate and tweaked App Installer for iOS 12.1 and up. It is totally free from TaigOne.

Pangu Anzuhang

Anzuhang for iOS 12.2

Anzuhang is a jailbreak app installation method which uses developer codes to identify the jailbreak application. All you need is Pangu Anzuang app and the developer code. This method is also known as Dev Code Extraction Method. This method was introduced by Pangu to facilitate the jailbreak app installation to their customers.

Sileo for iOS 12.2

Sileo for iOS 12.2

Sileo is a Cydia Alternative for iOS 11.4 and up. But Sileo for iOS 12.2 is not yet available. A beta version of Sileo has been released few days ago. But Sileo public version is not yet available.
Now you can download Sileo Demo App from Taigone and get Sileo experience.

Cydia for iOS 12.2

Cydia for iOS 12.2

Most of iPhone users are asking about Cydia for iOS 12.2. But Cydia is not yet available for iOS 12.2. However TaigOne is giving you a easy method to intall Cydia from Cydia Checker. Read more about Cydia checker.

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