iOS 13.1 Jailbreak

Last Updated: 2019-09-17

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak pops out even before iOS 13 Official Release as Luca Todesco Released iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Proofs. Please read below iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Methods and Jailbreak Approches.

If you are running on iOS 13 and looking for iOS 13 Jailbreak Solutions please visit our iOS 13 Jailbreak Page.

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Methods

There are several methods available for iOS 13.1 Jailbreak but none of these are full functional jailbreaks. But these methods can be used to achive a set of iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Features like Installing Jailbreak Apps, Jailbreak Tweaks and Adding Jailbreak / Cydia Repositories to extend functionalities.
Try one of the following methods.

  1. TaigOne
  2. Tweaki
  3. Tiqu++

1. TaigOne

TaigOne is the most stable Online Jailbreak Method for iOS 13.1. TaigOne can be used to find the Jailbreak Tools, Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iOS 13.1. Install TaigOne by just tapping the button below.

Install TaigOne

Note: This is an Online method and can only be accessed via iPhone/ iPad

How to Install TaigOne on iOS 13.1?

Please follow the step by step guide below to install TaigOne on iOS 13.1

  • Tap on above Install TaigOne button.

Tap on install taigone button

  • Wait for 3s or Tap Install TaigOne

Tap Install Taigone to continue Installation

  • Tap on Allow

Allow TaigOne Installation

  • Go to Settings > Profile Downloaded

Go to Settings and Install Profile

  • Continue the Installtion Process

Install Profile

  • Find TaigOne on Home Screen

Find TaigOne App on Home Screen

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak using TaigOne

2. Tweaki

Tweaki is iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweak installer which supports iOS 13.1. Tweaki is developed by LiTweaks and can be installed using following button.

Install Tweaki

How to Install Tweaki, Jailbreak Tweak Installer

Check the following step by step guide to Install Tweaki on iOS 13.1.

Note: This is an online method and please use iPhone / iPad

  • Tap on above Install Tweaki button.

Tap on install tweaki button

  • Wait for 3s or Tap Install Tweaki

Tap Install tweaki to continue Installation

  • Tap on Allow

Allow tweaki Installation

  • Go to Settings > Profile Downloaded

Go to Settings and Install Profile

  • Continue the Installtion Process

Install Profile

  • Find Tweaki on Home Screen

Find tweaki App on Home Screen

Other Methods to Install Tweaki

Tweaki can be installed using the following methods too

  • Using TaigOne
  • Using TweakMo Jailbreak App Installer

3. Tiqu++

Tiqu++ is the advanced version of Tiqu Repository Installer, which was released for iOS 12.4 and Tiqu++ is the advanced version released for iOS 13. Install Tiqu++ directly from the button below or use TaigOne to Install Tiqu++

Install Tiqu++

Note: This is an online method and please use iPhone / iPad

How to Install iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Repo Installer Tiqu++

Please follow the step by step guide below to install TaigOne on iOS 13.1

  • Install TaigOne and open it.
    To install TaigOne on iOS 13.1 tap on the above Install TaigOne button.

install taigone

  • You can see Tiqu++ on Jailbreak tab. Tap on it.

tap on Tiqu++

  • Now tap on the Install button.

install Tiqu++

  • That's it. Now you can enjoy Tiqu++.

Enjoy Tiqu++

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Approaches

Several Jailbreak Teams have successful approches for iOS 13.1 Jailbreak and following listed ones are the most trusted so far. While having a look at the approaches, keep in touch with us for more updates as we will be updating this page with trusted information fro the most reliable sources.

  1. Luca Todesco's Exploit
  2. Yalu Jailbreak Approach

iOS 13.1 Released Date

iOS 13.1

After 19th of September, the official release of iOS 13, Apple will release iOS 13.1 to the public. This would mostly be at the end of this month, which is rumored as 31st of September. What ever the date it is, iOS 13.1 will patch all the vulnerabilities which led to iOS 13 jailbreak. Then again iOS 13.1 beta 2 jailbreak exploit might also be patched by this last iOS 13.1 public version. Fingers crossed and let's wait for the news to arrive.

iOS 13.1 Developer Beta 2 Released

Apple has released iOS 13.1 developer beta 2 as well as public beta 2. These betas have come before the public release of iOS 13.
With this update, Apple is also releasing iPadOS 13.1 developer beta 2 and public beta 2.

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak News

There are several iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Related News found in the web. Please find the below verified news about iOS 13.1 Jailbreak

iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Jailbroken by Luca Todesco

Famous Italian Hacker Luca Todesco, creator of Yalu Jailbreak released his latest iOS 13 Jailbreak Proof and it leads to iOS 13 to move to iOS 13.1, And he confirmed that the same exploit still works on iOS 13.1. That simply means iOS 13.1 can be jailbroken. Please find the tweet below about this news

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Tools

There are no jailbreak tools released for iOS 13.1 so far but we keep our close eye on the teams like Chimera Jailbreak and Unc0ver Jailbreak. As they recently released iOS 12.4 Jailbreak Tools for all the iPhone Models including the latest iPhoneXS and XR models

iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Tools

iOS 13.1 Chimera Jailbreak

There is a cold war between Chimera and Unc0ver as both teams work for iOS 13.1 Jailbreak. And if the Chimera Team releases iOS 13.1 Jailbreak First, Sileo will be the default package manager. Sileo is much faster than Cydia and which is my favorite. But most of the people still love Cydia and hense the Unc0ver Jailbreak will play a major role in iOS 13.1 Jailbreak.

iOS 13.1 Unc0ver Jailbreak

As stated above, Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.1 will be the hope of Cydia Lovers. If Unc0ver or any other team like Yalu Jailbreak release iOS 13.1 Jailbreak, Cydia will survive. Otherwise the old package manager will be obsolete from iOS 13.1

iOS 13.1 Yalu Jailbreak

Yalu Jailbreak, after iOS 10 comes to the jailbreak community as Luca, the creator of Yalu Jailbreak shows some skills by hacking iOS 13.1 Beta 1. If Luca releases the exploit to public ant developer can use it to create a publicly available iOS 13.1 Jailbreak. Let's hope for the best and wait Luca to release Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 13.1