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Apple's latest iOS version iOS 13.2 can be jailbroken using Checkra1n Jailbreak and will not be patched using a firmware upgrade (An OS update) as this is a permanent hardware Jailbreak. Try checkra1n today.

  1. Checkra1n Jailbreak - Based on Checkm8 Jailbreak Exploit
  2. TaigOne - Full Jailbreak Solution.
  3. TweakMo - Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks
  4. Tiqu++ - iOS Jailbreak Repo Installer
All these apps are compatible for iOS 13.2 except Checkra1n Jailbreak. Let’s discuss about each jailbreak method.

1. Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n jailbreak is a tool developed by axi0mx and a set of developers including Siguza, pshycotea, qwertyoruiop and few others.
This jailbreak is based on axi0mX’s checkm8 jailbreak exploit and not like ipwndfu, Checkra1n is a GUI(Graphical User Interface) based app and can be used by all the jailbreakers.
This exploit is a technology which boots up in verbose mode. So the modifications will be done to the core of the system which makes it unpatchable by any OS update.

You can check the availability of checkra1n jailbreak via axi0mX installer and TaigOne will bring you checkra1n online jailbreak tool

You can now download axi0mX installer from TaigOne and Checkra1n Jailbreak in our checkra1n page

This jailbreak will be a permanent jailbreak once it’s released and will be available for all A4 - A11 devices. But the latest editions to the iPhone range won’t be dealing with this jailbreak yet. That means new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS series will not be compatible with this checkra1n jailbreak for now.

If you want to have the checkm8 experience, then the checkm8 jailbreak code is available on GitHub with ipwndfu. Ipwndfu is the command line method of Checkm8 Jailbreak. You may try the code installation, but beware since these are still in developer mode.

install AxiomX

2. TaigOne

Taigone is an all-in-one solution for iOS 13.2 jailbreak. TaigOne brings almost every solution for iOS and iOS jailbreak needs.

  1. Jailbreak Tools
  2. Jailbreak Apps
  3. Jailbreak Tweaks
  4. Jailbreak Themes
  5. Jailbreak Alternatives
Other than these main key points, TaigOne offers many more jailbreak and non-jailbreak third party apps and services. Basically, TaigOne is a jailbreak alternative for iOS 13.2 without computer.

Install iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Apps and Best Jailbreak Apps iOS 13.2 plus Apps without Jailbreak iOS 13.2 in TaigOne. You may find all those in jailbreak apps and tweaks of TaigOne after installation.

Install TaigOne
*** Please use Safari browser of your device

Below mentioned is the full guide of TaigOne Installation.

  • Tap on above Install TaigOne button.

Tap on install taigone button

  • Tap on share button on the bottom of the screen

Tap on share button on the bottom of the screen

  • Tap on Add to Home Screen

Tap on Add to Home Screen

  • Tap On Add

Tap on add

  • Find TaigOne on Home Screen

Find TaigOne App on Home Screen

3. TweakMo

TweakMo logo

TwekaMo is a Jailbreak tweak installer plus jailbreak app installer. TweakMo brings many alluring jailbreak apps and tweaks including NGX play.
You can get TweakMo via TaigOne and also by their official website.

4. Tiqu++

Tiqu++ is the extended version of Tiqu Repo Installer and specially introduced for iOS 13 and higher jailbreak needs.
This Tiqu++ version fully supports for iOS 13.2.

Tiqu++ offers Repository installation which consists of hundreds of tweaks inside. Install Tiqu++ from the below button or directly from TaigOne.

Install Tiqu++ via TaigOne

This is the step guide of Tiqu++ installation from TaigOne

  • Install TaigOne and open it.
    To install TaigOne on iOS 13.1 tap on the above Install TaigOne button.

install taigone

  • You can see Tiqu++ on Jailbreak tab. Tap on it.

tap on Tiqu++

  • Now tap on the Install button.

install Tiqu++

  • That's it. Now you can enjoy Tiqu++.

Enjoy Tiqu++

All these are iOS 13.2 Jailbreak solutions which can be used even without a jailbreak or with Jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak iOS 13.2

iOS 13.2 has been subject to a Jailbreak with qwertyoruiopz's finding. He has found a way for a jailbreak for iOS 13.2 with checkra1n jailbreak. axi0mX, Team Electra, unc0ver and many other jailbreak developers are on this jailbreak task back of the stage.

Until a proper jailbreak solution comes up for iOS 13.2, you can have solutions for iOS 13.2 Jailbreak without Computer / No computer as we have mentioned at the beginning of the article.
But say for the argument sake, Apple release iOS 13.2.1 or iOS 13.3 all of a sudden. Then also, these said jailbreak solutions can be used for either iOS 13.2.1 or iOS 13.3 jailbreak. Both bug fix version and minor change version will be compatible with TaigOne alternatives for iOS 13.2.1 jailbreak or iOS 13.3 jailbreak.

Team Taig9 will bring all the latest news of iOS 13.2 jailbreak and iOS 13.2 Jailbreak tools along with iOS 13.2.1 jailbreak . Stay with us.

iOS 13.2 Checkm8 Jailbreak for all Devices

iOS 13.2 jailbreak for all devices is still something imaginary. Checkm8 jailbreak has done their part in iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak with A11 support, but they still have not mentioned anything about the possibility for checkm8 jailbreak iOS 13.2.

We have to inform you that, Jailbreak iPhone X on iOS 13.2, Jailbreak iPhone XS on iOS 13.2 Jailbreak iPhone XS Max on iOS 13.2 (A12 devices) will not be available even if there’s jailbreak for iOS 13.2. This is because these devices share A12 and A12x chips which contains a different technology than A11 devices.

So iOS 13.2 jailbreak for A13 devices as well as other devices is still a question. iOS 13.2 Checkra1n jailbreak based on Checkm8 Jailbreak might be available with A11 devices as before. So it will be a permanent jailbreak for iOS 13.2. We will bring the good news of a Jailbreak for iOS 13.2 by checkm8 jailbreak or in other words, Checkra1n iOS 13.2 Jailbreak, soon as it was released.

iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

There are some tweaks available for iOS 13.2 but all those are non-jailbreak tweaks as for the unavailability of iOS 13.2 jailbreak. It is quite certain that there will be many iOS 13.2 jailbreak tweaks after a confirmed jailbreak tool for iOS 13.2. Until then, there are many alternatives you may use for iOS 13.2 jailbreak tweaks in TaigOne. Those are some of the Best Non Jailbreak Tweaks iOS 13.2.

Read here for some examples for iOS 13.2 tweaks.

Cydia for iOS 13.2

If a jailbreak for iOS 13.2 released by unc0ver, then surely iOS 13.2 Cydia will be the default Package Manager. But someone other than unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.2 jailbreak, can grab the chance to release the jailbreak. It might be axi0mX with his checkra1n jailbreak. The chances are much higher for him than the others. Whoever who released the jailbreak, there will be Cydia for iOS 13.2.

But if you want Cydia iOS 13.2 with no Jailbreak, then there is a solution for that too. But kindly note that it will be a lightweight version of Cydia and will not be fully functional as Cydia with Jailbreak. TaigOne offers this lightweight Cydia for iOS 13.2. Download TaigOne as guided as above and install Cydia for iOS 13.2 without Jailbreak.

Sileo for iOS 13.2

Sileo is the default Package Manager for Chimera Jailbreak. Chimera is a product by Electra team and if Electra team takes the lead for iOS 13.2 jailbreak, so there will be Sileo for iOS 13.2.

Just like Cydia for Jailbreak iOS 13.2, you can install lightweight Sileo version from TaigOne. What to keep in mind is that this Sileo lite version is not fully functional such as Sileo with jailbreak.

Jailbreak iPad on iOS 13.2

iPad jailbreak for iOS 13.2 is also brace the same status as iPhone jailbreak for iOS 13.2. Still no any particular jailbreak for iPads on iOS 13.2 has not been released. All eyes are on Checkra1n jailbreak as he has done his job in iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak for iPad.

If a public jailbreak tool released sooner or later, then there is an iPad Pro iOS 13.2 Jailbreak also. Because this checkm8 jailbreak exploit does work on iPad Pros as well.

So all iPhone and iPad jailbreak lovers are waiting for the day for a hit by public checkra1n jailbreak tool. Developers are also trying their best for a public code injection tool and we will bring you the good news and the public jailbreak tool both to your doorstep.

iOS 13.2.3 has been released

Apple has released iOS 13.2.3 for the public. This OS update mainly focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements.
Here are the new updates of iOS 13.2.3.

  • Fixes an issue where system search and search within Mail, Files, and Notes might not work
  • Addresses an issue where photos, links, and other attachments might not display in the Messages details view
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent apps from downloading content in the background

iOS 13.2.3 Jailbreak

iOS 13.2.3 has successfully jailbreak with checkra1n jailbreak. Checkra1n team has shared with it on twitter.
We can hope a public jailbreak tool for iOS 13.2.3 will be released soon.

Checkra1n Jailbreak has been released.

Checkra1n team released checkra1n beta 0.9 supports iPhone 5 -iPhone X devices running on iOS 12.3 - iOS 13.2.2. This jailbreak supports only mac through.

To download Checkra1n Jailbreak visit Checkra1n Jailbreak page.

Checkra1n jailbreak released

iOS 13.2.2 has been released

Apple has released iOS 13.2.2 for the public. This new OS version mainly considered bug fixes and performance improvements.
Apple fixes RAM management issues and cellular data performance in iOS 13.2.2.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak by qwertyoruiopz

iOS 13.2 jailbreak is becoming a reality. Developer qwertyoruiopz has shared an image on his official twitter account that jailbroken iPod using checkra1n jailbreak, running on iOS 13.2. And it shows Cydia and Zebra package managers.
It seems jailbreak for iOS 13.2 is not so far.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak is coming

iOS 13.2 has been released

Apple has released iOS 13.2 for the public. This OS update has came with bug fixes and amazing new features.
Apple has introduced Deep Fusion camera mode on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.2. And also they have introduced new emoji characters on iOS 13.2.
Here are the other features,

  • Siri privacy controls
  • Delete app option from Home screen
  • Video recording resolution change option on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.
  • AirPods Pro‌ support.
You can update your OS version to iOS 13.2 by tapping Settings -> General -> Software Update.

iOS 13.2 released

iOS 13.2 possible jailbreak tweaks


iWish Logo

iWish is a wish creating and sending tweak. You can send wishes to your loved one in special occasions without jailbreaking. iWish is one of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.2. You can download and install iWish using TaigOne.

iWish App
iWish App
iWish App


Jian Logo

Jian is a jailbreak tweak for iOS 13.2. You can customize your keyboard with your favorite images using Jian. Jian does not require jailbreak and it can be installed without a computer.


InCar Logo

InCar is a car play alternative for iOS 13.2. You can experience CarPlay using InCar. No jailbreak is needed.


Moicons Logo

Moicons is an icon customizer for iOS 13.2. You can customize your device's icons and change the icon name by installing Moicons. No need to jailbreak your device.

iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Themes

Themes Logo

This is a famous topic among iPhone lovers. Most users tend to change the default iOS theme in to more creative and attractive themes. But changing the theme in an iPhone is not just easy. That is why we have introduced TaigOne themes. This app not only contain themes, but also hundreds of images for the perfect mood.

Try TaigOne Themes for iOS 13.2 now from TaigOne. No jailbreak needed. Just a tap would do the work.

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