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Check the following iOS 13 Jailbreak Methods and install for getting Cydia, Sileo, Jailbreak Tweaks and Jailbreak Repos (Also Known As Cydia Repos)

  1. Ra1nstorm Jailbreak
  2. Checkra1n Jailbreak
  3. TaigOne
  4. TweakMo Jailbreak Tool Finder
  5. Tweaki
  6. Tiqu++

iOS 13 Jailbreak is possible with Checkra1n Jailbreak and use TaigOne to Install CheckRa1n Jailbreak Online Installer for iOS 13 and Higher. But this only works for iPhone X and below devices.
A12 Jailbreak and A13 Jailbreak is not possible using CheckRa1n but you can try following tools on any device running on iOS 13. Try one of the following iOS 13 Jailbreak Tools and Methods.

1. Ra1nstorm Jailbreak for iOS 13

Ra1nstorm jailbreak is the Windows/ Linux supported checkra1n jailbreak tool. This was developed by @realra1nstorm. Now iOS 13 jailbreak Supported by Linux and Windows is possible. The developers have released two stages of this jailbreak.

  1. Stage 1: contains the Windows-part of the setup and is responsible for preparing the Linux environment
  2. Stage 2: contains the Linux part of the setup and prepares the macOS VM and automatically configures IOMMU/vfio.

Ra1nstorm will work on iPads and iPods also other than iPhones. Further, this works with AMD CPUs.
Download ra1nstorm jailbreak from here.

How to enable VT-d
Steps for enabling Intel VT-d (IOMMU) vary by motherboard, but are usually like the following:
  1. Enter the computer BIOS (probably F12 on boot)
  2. Navigate to an "Advanced" tab
  3. Select the "VT-d" or similar option
  4. Enable it
  5. Reboot
  • Do not use Ubuntu from a USB flash drive since this will crash the system.
  • There might be bugs as this is a beta verison yet. Fair warning!

2. Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 13

Checkra1n Jailbreak is released for iOS 12.3 - iOS 13.2 Jailbreak and iOS 13 can be jailbroken using Checkra1n. There are no online methods available yet, but you can use Checkra1n Mac Installer to Jailbreak devices between iPhone 5s - iPhone X. Visit Checkra1n Jailbreak Page for more information.

2. TaigOne for iOS 13

TaigOne is the first ever iOS 13 Jailbreak Tool to be released and Features of TaigOne iOS 13 Version are listed below.

Install TaigOne Jailbreak for iOS 13 using the button below.

taigOne logo

*** Make sure that you use Safari Browser for this Installation Process

Step by Step Guide to Install TaigOne on iOS 13

TaigOne Features

  • Finding and Installing iOS 13 Jailbreak Tools
  • iOS 13 Jailbreak Apps
  • iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweak Installer - Tweaki
  • Hacked Games - Pong
  • Hacked iOS Apps - Ying

3. TweakMo Jailbreak Tool Finder

TweakMo gives you all the available jailbreak tools. With this you can choose any jailbreak tool supported to iOS 13 and Jailbreak your iPhone / iPad. TweakMo can be installed directly from this site or you can download it using TaigOne App.

How to download TweakMo?

There are two methods to download TweakMo for iOS 13.

  1. Install Directly from this website
  2. Using TaigOne

Install TweakMo Directly

Tap on the following button from your iPhone or iPad to Install TweakMo iOS 13 Jailbreak App Finder.

tweakmo logo

Check the following video of TweakMo iOS 13 Installation

Install TweakMo via TaigOne

Installing TweakMo via TaigOne is very easy. Please watch the following step by step guide video and Install TweakMo for iOS 13 Jailbreak Apps and iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks

4. Tweaki - iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweak Installer

Tweaki is specially released for iOS 13 and it can be used to download and install iOS 13 Jailbreak and Non Jailbreak Tweaks. These non jailbreak Tweaks are based on Siri Shortcuts. Hence, please note that you must have Siri Shortcuts app to use these Tweaks.

How to Install Tweaki and Install iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks?

There are two methods to Install Tweaki App. You can either install Tweaki directly from the below 'Install Tweaki' button or you can install via TaigOne.

Install Tweaki Directly

If you like to install Tweaki directly, you can do it by using the button below. But what makes it more beneficial for you is that you get many more apps and services when you install Tweaki using TaigOne rather than using the direct method

tweaki logo

What are non jailbroken tweaks?

Non Jailbroken Tweaks are Tweaks which do not require root access but can be downloaded into and used by any iOS device.

How to Install iOS 13 Tweaks

Just have a look at the following video of Tweaki Installation for Installing iOS 13 Jailbreak / Non Jailbreak Tweaks. These tweaks are not Cydia Tweaks but capable of doing some modifications on iOS 13 running iPad / iPod

5. Tiqu++

Tiqu++ is the advanced version of Tiqu released for iOS 13 and up. Tiqu++ is for installing Jailbreak Repos and Cydia Repos to iOS 13 running devices.

Install Tiqu++ version using TaigOne App. Install TaigOne App and Open TaigOne. Then Install Tiqu++ - The iOS 13 Jailbreak Repo Installer for your device.

Following Video demonstrates how to Install Tiqu++ for iOS 13.

tiqu++ logo

How to Install Tiqu++ for iOS 13 Jailbreak Repos / Cydia Repos

Special Note: If you are installing iOS 13 for the first time, then it is recommended to save the ShSh2 blobs of your current iOS version for any urgency.

These were the only available iOS 13 Jailbreak Methods, If you are not satisfied, feel free to find other iOS 13 Jailbreak approaches below in this article.
If you are looking for Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 13 or Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13, visit iOS 13 Jailbreak Possibilities section.

Will it be iOS 13 Cydia or iOS 13 Sileo?

The answer to this question depends on iOS 13 Jailbreak developer. If Electra / Chimera Team takes the lead there will be iOS 13 Sileo for sure with so many alluring Sileo features. But if another developer such as Pwn20wnd or Luca Todesco or some other guy took the liberty for a jailbreak for iOS 13, then mostly there would be iOS 13 Cydia.

But anyway the most truthful answer is there might be both iOS 13 Sileo and iOS 13 Cydia for iOS 13 version. iOS 13 Cydia may be without much updates as Saurik is still in a pause. Check How to Install Sileo on iOS 13

How to Install Sileo on iOS 13?

Installing Sileo lite version is very easy. Because it doesn’t demand root access. but for full functional Sileo you need root access. Root access can be achieved only by Jailbreaking. Please find the following method of Installing Sileo.
Note: Please be noted that Sileo will not be fully functional without a proper jailbreak.

  1. Install Sileo Lite Using TaigOne - No Computer Method

iOS 13 Jailbreak Status

iOS 13 Jailbreak seemed to be a bit difficult task until @iBSparkes showed iOS 13 jailbreak with Cydia on it. The new jailbreak for iOS 13 was pushed into a public domain with a beta version of iOS 13 with Cydia in full view. And later down the timeline @quertyoruiopz showed a jailbroken iOS 13 b8 (Beta 8) running iPhone and pushed Apple to release iOS 13.1 beta 1 even before releasing the iOS 13 Golden Master.

Read more about iOS 13.1 Jailbreak

While things happening in this way, Apple is taking serious measures to patch all the vulnerabilities and exploits which have been already found and this could be a part of it too, resulting we won't see an iOS 13 Jailbreak as a public one soon enough.

iOS 13 jailbreak
iOS 13 Beta has been Jailbroken By @iBSparkes

Every Loophole will be tested to the highest point to avoid a jailbreak for iOS 13.
But as jailbreak developers done in iOS 12 jailbreak, there will be jailbreak solutions and jailbreak tools for iOS 13 once they released the details of this vulnerability.

Want to downgrade to iOS 12.4.1 just to have a jailbreak? Here's how.
Downgrade to iOS 12.4.1

We promise to bring up iOS 13 jailbreak tools in the very minute it would release.
There might be iOS 13 Chimera Jailbreak or iOS 13 Unc0ver Jailbreak. But it will take time, therefore we will be bringing iOS 13 Jailbreak solutions and alternatives until then.

Every iOS 13 jailbreak news will be updated here in the first minute. So you are welcome to with Taig9 for all iOS 13 jailbreak related news.

iOS 13 Jailbreak Possibilities

As iOS 13 is released, jailbreak community may feel very enthusiastic about iOS 13 Jailbreak Release. Keep eyes on both Chimera Jailbreak and Unc0ver Jailbreak Teams as they already jailbroken upto iOS 12.4. The only iOS versions which does not have jailbreak is iOS 12.4.1 and iOS 13.

iOS 13 Unc0ver Jailbreak

Unc0ver Jailbreak is not yet available for iOS 13 but it will be released soon. Please keep in touch with us for updated news about iOS 13 Uncover Jailbreak. We will be able to install cydia on iOS 13 with unc0ver Jailbreak.

iOS 13 Chimera Jailbreak

Chimera Jailbreak is also not available for latest iOS 13 but we can Install Sileo using TaigOne. Install TaigOne App and find the light version of Sileo for iOS 13. Once Chimera Jailbreak / Electra Jailbreak is released for iOS 13, it will update Sileo App with root access.

Checkra1n jailbreak has been released

Most awaited checkra1n jailbreak has been released. Checkra1n developers have released a beta version of checkra1n only supports through macOS. This version supports iPhone 5 - iPhone 11 devices running on iOS 12.3 - iOS 13.2.2.

To download Checkra1n visit Checkra1n Jailbreak page.

checkra1n jailbreak released

iOS 13.1 update

Already updated to iOS 13.1? wondering for iOS 13.1 jailbreak tool? or wondering for iOS 13.1 jailbreak tweaks? Read here for all details of
iOS 13.1 jailbreak

iOS 13 Jailbreak Tool Release Date

iOS 13 Golden Master verison released by Apple. Many features were inroduced along wih the new OS version. Read here for the best iOS 13 features.
When will be the iOS 13 jailbreak release?
Read here for more details of jailbreak for iOS 13.
iPhone 11
Tim introducing new iPhone 11

New Apple devices released marking a new era of Apple OS and devices. As per Tim Cook's intrduction there were "huge annoucements".

Apart from Apple arcade (available from September), Apple Tv+ (available from November) free for new iDevices for one year, New 7th generation iPad with large dispaly (10.2 inch retina display) and Apple watch series 5 with compass plus many features, the most important thing is iOS 13 and iPhone 11.

iPhone 11
New iWatch series 5
The new iOS consists of many latest features and some feature updates.

Read more on iOS 13 latest features

Then again, the star of the evening, as usual is the new iPhone for 2019. The new iPhone is iPhone 11 with nice 6 colors.

Read more about iPhone 2019

CarPlay for iOS 13

This is another top feature of iOS 13. Apple CaPlay was first introduced in iOS 12 but was limited for few car models. But now in 2019, it is widely spreading because of its helpfulness when driving.
The new iOS 13 introduces new CarPlay Dashboard for a simplified view of the road ahead. Now you can view your whole planned day with the new calendar app while driving. This might be really helpful for the busy scheduled guys out there. But a quick warning, Be careful when you are driving; with or without CarPlay.

iOS 13 Jailbreak News

Luca Todesco Jailbreak iOS 13 Beta 8

Developer and hacker Luca Todesco showed some hacking skills on iOS 13 beta 8. He shared a demonstration video via twitter and it appears a hacked iPhoneX style device running on iOS 13 developer beta 8.
Please have a look at the tweet Luca shared.

Luca Todesco Jailbrake iOS 13 Beta 8

iOS 13 beta 2 jailbreak exploit

Luca Todesco, the famous jailbreak developer has tweeted about an iOS 13 beta 2 tfp0 exploit. So with all these news what we can expect is that iOS 13 is not tight as we thought it would be. So this is an opportunity to anyone who could use the chance to develop something valuable for iOS 13. This was the procedure for iOS 12 jailbreak and iOS 11 jailbreak previously and one can repeat the history again to a public jailbreak for iOS 13.
But what to be aware is that after this public news, Apple might patch them anytime with their next updates. So there is a risk that these types of exploits might face anytime after a public news. We do expect some one would grab the chance and we will update you as soon as the decision is made for an iOS 13 jailbreak.

iOS 13 beta 1 jailbreak

iOS 13 Jailbreak has been performed to it's first beta version by @iBSparkes – formerly known as PyshcoTea. He has done this Jailbreak for iOS 13 with an iPhone 8 and resulted with Full screen Cydia.
Read more about other iOS 13 Jailbreak Possibilities.

iOS 13 News

iPhone 11

iPhone 11
New iphone 11
The new iPhone for 2019 is iPhone 11 with 6 color range. The new phone has 6.1 retina display. Moreover the new iPhone 11 offers theatre like experience with dolby app for good sound experience.This includes a 12MP wide angle and a 12MP ultra wide angle lens. This can help improve landscape and wide shots. With the two cameras, it can also take photos with even greater depth. According to Apple, this iPhone 11 has battery life 1 hour more than iPhone XR.
Fastest CPU ever on a smartphone is also recorded in iPhone 11 with A13 bionic chip.

iPhone Pro
New iphone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro is the other new iPhone for 2019. This new iPhone 11 pro comes with Triple camera, A13 chip, With two sizes. There will be four colors, Midnight green, Space Gray, Silver and Gold. Apple says this phone is great for cinemotogaphers with a proof video.

iPhone 11 Jailbreak

iPhone 11 will be compatible for a jailbreak once a stable jailbreak tool for iOS 13 got released. It is the OS that can be jailbroken but the Phone chip also a cosidering fact for a jailbreak. We will be bringing ll the news for iOS 13 jailbreak and iPhone 11 jailbreak. Stay with Taig9.

iOS 13 Top Features

Let’s have a quick look at the top iOS 13 features while imagining the jailbreak features of each new feature.

1. Dark Mode

iOS 13 dark mode feature

Dark Mode is the biggest feature in iOS 13. This will give a new look to your iPhone. You can enjoy the dark mode in your Calander app, Apple Maps, Photos, Music app, Message app, Notes, App Store and all your favorite apps on your iPhone. Apple has designed special dark mode optimized images too. It can easily turn on with Control Center or you can set up automatically turn on at night.

2. Photos and Camera

iOS 13 new photos and camera features

Apple has introduced a new photo editing tool, "Portrait Lighting Control" with the camera app. With this tool, you can change the intensity of light in portrait lighting. You can edit photos like a professional photographer using this new feature.

Photos app has come with a new feature that you can simply find your photos in day wise, month wise and year wise.

3. Maps

iOS 13 Apple Maps

Apple Maps has improved in iOS 13 and added more user-friendly features. When going through this new map you can see more realistic details for roads, beaches, parks, buildings and more.

4. Siri

iOS 13 Siri features

Siri has updated with a new voice in iOS 13. With this audio updated you can hear a natural and smoother voice from Siri. Siri can now play music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and third-party apps.

5. Memoji

iOS 13 Memoji sticker packs

New Memoji customization now can do with new hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and piercings. And now Memoji automatically becomes sticker packs that live in your keyboard. You can use this Memoji sticker packs in messages, mail and third-party apps.

6.Swipey Keyboard

iOS 13 swiping type

Apple has introduced a new swiping keyboard in iOS 13. Now you can type by swiping from one letter to the next.

7. CarPlay

iOS 13 CarPlay

Apple has introduced a new CarPlay dashboard in iOS 13. This new view gives you a single place to keep track of maps, audio controls, and smart Siri suggestions. Here are the other new features in CarPlay.

  • Calander app has been added
  • Apple Music redesign
  • Smaller Siri screen
  • Light mode
  • Improved Siri

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