iOS 13 Jailbreak

Last Updated: 2019-08-16

iOS 13 is the next generation Operating System by Apple and one of the most famous iOS news in the Apple community. iOS 13 jailbreak is around the corner as iOS 13 beta 1 and beta 2 are already jailbroken.
iOS 13 Beta Download
iOS 13 Jailbreak possibility
iOS 13 features
iOS 13 device Compatibility
here in this article.

iOS 13 Release

WWDC 2019

iOS 13 has been previewed at WWDC 2019 in 3rd of June and the first beta of iOS 13 was released to Apple Developers for testing. Now Apple has released the 7th beta of iOS 13.

iOS 13 beta 7 is now available via TaigOne Beta Installer for anyone who desires it.
But the major release will take place in September at Apple’s special event with the release of the new iPhone 2019 as the iOS 13 Golden Master release.

iOS 13 beta was provided for developers who owned an Apple developer account for testing purposes and TaigOne beta installer will provide you the new iOS 13 beta download option for the users who do not have a developer account.

iOS 13 beta download

iOS 13 beta 7 can be now downloaded by two methods.

Note: This is an Online method and can be accessed by an iPhone/ iPad

Install TaigOne
Let's see how to install iOS 13 beta profile in two ways.

1. How to Install iOS 13 beta 7 with TaigOne

Step 1: Install TaigOne from the above button.
Step 2: Now Open TaigOne and you will see iOS 13 beta profile

iOS 13 jailbreak
Step 3: Tap on it and then tap on "Install" on top right corner.
Step 4: Tap on "Allow" in the next dialog box.
Step 5: In the next two windows that open, tap on "Install" in order to install the profile and to agree to the consent.
iOS 13 jailbreak
Step 6: Restart the device and that's all from your side. Your iPhone will restart during the proces and once it's re-started set up your iPhone.

Note: Make sure to use your iPhone.

2. How to Install iOS 13 beta 7 with TaigOne Beta Installer

Step 1: Install TaigOne from the above button.
Step 2: Now Open TaigOne and you will see TaigOne Beta Installer
Step 3: Tap on it and then tap on "Install" on top right corner and install it.
Step 4: Open TaigOne Beta Installer.
Step 5: You will see iOs 13 beta profile as well as other latest beta profiles.
Step 6: Select iOS 13 and install it. After installtion your phone will be required for a re-start. After the Re-start set up the iPhone. once it's re-started set up your iPhone.

Note: Make sure to use your iPhone.
You'd find some bugs or un-familiar stuff as this iOS 13 beta is still in Beta stages. So better to save the ShSh2 blobs of pervious iOS version for any urgency. Experience the brand new iOS 13 beta 7 today.

While talking about the features and updates about iOS 13, users tend to ask about iOS 13 Jailbreak.
Let’s discuss iOS 13 features and iOS 13 Jailbreak here in this article.

iOS 13 Jailbreak Status

iOS 13 Jailbreak seemed to be a bit difficult task until @iBSparkes shows iOS 13 jailbreak with Cydia in it. The new jailbreak for iOS 13 was pushed in to a public domain with a beta version of iOS 13 with Cydia in full view. Apple is taking serious measures to patch all the vulnerabilities and exploits which has been already found and this could be a part of it too resulting we won't see this iOS 13 Jailbreak as a public one.
iOS 13 jailbreak

Every Loophole will be tested to the highest point to avoid a jailbreak for iOS 13.
But as jailbreak developers done in iOS 12 jailbreak, there will be jailbreak solutions and jailbreak tools for iOS 13 once they released details of this vulnerability.

We promise to bring up iOS 13 jailbreak tools in the very minute it would release.
There might be iOS 13 Electra Jailbreak or iOS 13 unc0ver Jailbreak. But it will take time and we will be bringing iOS 13 Jailbreak solutions and alternatives after WWDC event until a stable jailbreak for iOS 13 release.

Bookmark our page or connect with us regularly to get informed the hottest and latest iOS 13 Jailbreak news.

Will it be iOS 13 Cydia or iOS 13 Sileo ?

The answer for this question depends on iOS 13 Jailbreak developer. If Electra team takes the lead there will be iOS 13 Sileo for sure with so many alluring Sileo features. But if another developer such as Pwn20wnd or Luca Todesco or some other guy take the liberty for a jailbreak for iOS 13 then mostly there would be iOS 13 Cydia.

But anyway the most truthful answer is there might be iOS 13 Sileo and iOS 13 Cydia both for iOS 13 version. iOS 13 Cydia may be without much updates as Saurik is still in a pause. Every iOS 13 jailbreak news will be updated here in the first minute and stay with Taig9 for all iOS 13 jailbreak releated news.

iOS 13 Features

iOS 13 features

Apple introduced the newest features of iOS 13 including dark mode. Here are the highlighted features of iOS 13.

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Swipey Keyboard
  3. Portrait lighting for photos
  4. A new privacy feature Sign in with Apple
  5. Siri's new voice
  6. Memoji avatars come to Messages
  7. A revamped Find My iPhone app that merges Find My iPhone and Find My Friends

These are a few of the major feature updates of iOS 13 and we can hope more features are coming.

Now let’s move to the main point of the article, iOS 13 Jailbreak.

iOS 13 Device Compatibility

Apple has confirmed that old iPhone devices not supported for iOS 13.
Here is the list of devices that compatible with iOS 13.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
However iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus not supported for iOS 13.

Apple has released iOS 13 beta 7

iOS 13 developer beta 7

Apple has released the 7 th developer beta of iOS 13. This beta version was released a few days before the iOS 13 Golden Master release. So this beta 7 will be the last beta version of iOS 13.
Apple will be seeded more stable and user-friendly iOS 13 public version after fixing all the bugs on beta versions.
This beta version has released only for developers and testers who own Apple developer account.
But you can get it from TaigOne and TaigOne Beta Installer without an Apple developer account.

Apple releases iOS 13 public beta 6

iOS 13 public beta 6

Apple has released iOS 13 public beta 6 after releasing iOS 13 developer beta 7.
This public beta version has added new features.

  • New blocked sender options for mail.
  • Dark mode option in control center.
And some bugs has fixed was appearing beta 5.

iOS 13 Jailbreak News

iOS 13 beta 2 jailbreak exploit

Luca Todesco, the famous jailbreak developer has tweeted about an iOS 13 beta 2 tfp0 exploit. So with all these news what we can expect is iOS 13 is not tight as we thought it would be. So this is an opportunity to anyone who could use the chance to develop something valuable for iOS 13. This was the procedure for iOS 12 jailbreak and iOS 11 jailbreak previously and one can repeat the history again to a public jailbreak for iOS 13.
But what to be ware is that now this is a public news, Apple would patch this anytime with their next updates. So this is a risk that these type of expolits face anytime after a public news. We do expect some one would grab the chance and we will up update you as soon as the decision is made for an iOS 13 jailbreak.

iOS 13 beta 1 jailbreak

iOS 13 Jailbreak has been performed to it's first beta version by @iBSparkes – formerly known as PyshcoTea. He has done this Jailbreak for iOS 13 with an iPhone 8 and resulted with Full screen Cydia.
Read more about iOS 13 Jailbreak.

iOS 13 Top Features

Now let’s move to the top iOS 13 features.

1. Dark Mode
iOS 13 dark mode feature

Dark mode is the latest trend of mobile phones and iPhone users waited a long time to get this feature. Finally "Dark Mode" has came for iPhone users with iOS 13.
Dark mode replace the light screen appear with a dark screen. This comes with main apps including the calendar, music, and photos apps.

2. Swipey Keyboard

Apple has added Swipey keyboard in iOS 13. Apple called it "QuickPath typing".

3. Portrait lighting for photos

Apple has introduced a new photo editing tool, "Portrait lighting" with the camera app. With this tool you can change the intensity and location of the light.

4. Find My Phone and Find My Friends
iOS 13 Find My iPhone App

Apple has introduced a new app called "Find My" combining with "Find My Friends" and "Find My iPhone" together.

5. Siri's New Voice

Siri has updated with new voice in iOS 13. With this audio updated you can hear a natural and smoother voice from Siri.

Let's look into more new features of iOS 13.

  • Mute thread in Mail.
  • Add attachments to events in Calendar.
  • Apps launch 2x faster.
  • Low data mode
  • 38 new language keyboards

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