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Jan 2014 - Current

Taig9 is a company insterest on jailbreak apps and also keen to provide solutions to jailbreak app lovers without actually jailbreaking the device. TaigOne is a product of team Taig9. TaigOne offers you jailbreak apps exlusively matching to your device without jailbreaking it.
TaiG team is confident with the tool they developed. Set aside your worries in jailbreaking and get ready for tons of jailbreak apps on your device.


TaiG9 is not accociated with Team TaiG. Team TaiG is not responsible for any development, any jailbreak tool, any partial jailbreak tool, any application, any iOS mobileconfig installed through TaiG9. Team TaiG9 sign all iOS 10.3 and upper Jailbreak related applications using its own SSL certificate for user safety.

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