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LiTweaks is a tweak store which was created by the famous iOS hacker / developer Liyuang Ying. He is a chinese developer who has created many jailbreak tweaks before. But Litweaks offers only solutions which can be used without jailbreak, say Litweaks is a non jailbreak tweak store.

LiTweaks comes up with a different apps. The original Litweaks App offers Hacked Apps and Hacked Games. Most of these games and apps are modified / modded versions of the apps and games which enables unlimited lives, gems and coind in games and advertisement free, subscription free functionality in apps.

Just go through the sub apps of Litweaks and see what they offer.

How to Download LiTweaks?

There are two different methods to download Litweaks. We will discuss both methods and you can choose a method which is more convienient to you.

  1. Download LiTweaks from official website
  2. Download LiTweaks using TaigOne

If you choose the method one, you can simply navigate to website and follow the steps.

Let's see how to Install Litweaks using TaigOne

Install LiTweaks using TaigOne (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1 : Install TaigOne App for downloading Litweaks. If you already have TaigOne installed, you may continue to Step 2.

Step 3 : Tap on it and tap on Install at top right in the next window.

Step 4 : Tap on Allow to download Litweaks to the settings. (Once downloaded you have to open Settings → Downloaded Profile to continue the process)

Step 5 : Tap on Install and provide your passcode if required and continue the installation process. Once completed you will be back to the home screen.

Step 6 : Find Litweaks on your home screen and enjoy.

Featured App of LiTweaks

Jailbreak Tool Finder

iWish is a different kind of tweak and also one of the famous non-jailbreak tweak. This is a wish installer. You can select the wish category and type the wish you want and then can send it via any mode like viber, text message,mail etc. Then this special wish will install in your receiver’s device home screen. As this is very user friendly and animated, iWish is really popular among iOS lovers.

Advantages of using iWish

  1. Very user friendly platform.
  2. Can send the wish using any method (viber, whatspp, text message, mail, etc).
  3. Birthday, Halloween, New year, Christmas, new born baby, and many more actegories to choose with many designed wishes.

How to download iWish?

Downloading iWish is not a big deal. You can download it using TaigOne or directly through LiTweaks Official Website.

How to send a wish using iWish

  1. Install iWish using any method mentioned earlier.
  2. Now open iWish and tap on “select a wish”
  3.    Eg: Bday
  4. Select the category.
  5. Tap on “make a wish”
  6. Select a theme you like for Eg: Yummy cake.
  7. Now select the device model
  8. Apply the settings and type the wish.
  9. Go
  10. Tada! Your wish is ready.
  11. Either you may download or send it via any social media you prefer.

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