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Last Updated: 2020-02-11

Jailbreak apps and Tweaks and Non-jailbreak apps and tweaks are the ultimate goal of the iOS customization.

Some users may tend to search for non-jailbreak apps and tweaks as for the reluctant of jailbreak. Jailbreak is a software/hardware vulnerability created into a tool to break the default limitations. Some may search for the same service of a jailbreak without actually jailbreaking the device.

apps and tweaks

There are solutions for those types of users. Non jailbreak apps and tweaks are available now in the market fulfilling the need of a jailbreak without a real jailbreak. Below listed are those non-jailbreak apps and tweaks you may try.

Note: All these apps and Tweaks are compatible for any iOS device.

  1. TaigOne
  2. LiTweaks
  3. Dedao
  4. Yiti
  5. TweakMo
  6. zJailbreak
  7. Hexxa Plus

Let’s talk about each of these and methods to download them.


TaigOne is an All-in-One solution for jailbreak and non - jailbreak users. There are jailbreak tools, themes, apps and tweaks as well as non-jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes.


You may try their theme store without jailbreak in order to apply new themes to your iOS. Or you may try Jian keyboard customizer to change the boring appearance of the old keyboard.

Visit our TaigOne page for more alluring apps and tweaks they offer and for download links.


LiTweaks is a store done by famous hacker Li Yuang Ying. There are many non-jailbreak tweaks included in this store.


There is a hacked game store called “Pong” in this store which offers hundreds of hacked games . Then there is a tweak called “Ying” which offers social media duplicates and many other hacked apps.

Visit LiTweaks page for more details of these tweaks and for download links.


Dedao is a jailbreak app finder aka jailbreak app installer. This app got an app extraction method so you may extract the necessary app to your device.


Dedao does not need jailbreak and also any iDevice is compatible with Dedao.


Yiti is an online app store which offers many iOS paid apps for free. This app store can be downloaded in many ways and also does not need any jailbreak.

yiti apps

Yiti app store is compatible for any iOS version and also compatible with any iDevice.

This is the best thing about yiti and visit Yiti Apps page for download methods.


TweakMo is a Tweak Store. TweakMo offers many iOS related jailbreak and non-jailbreak tweaks as well as other jailbreak tools.


You may find NGX play and many other famous apps and tweaks in TweakMo.

Visit TweakMo page for more details and for download methods.


zJailbreak is a third-party application manager that allows you to download themes, apps and jailbreak installers.


Visit zJailbreak page more more details about zJailbreak.

07.Hexxa Plus

Hexxa plus is a repo extractor. You can download large number of apps and tweaks using hexxa plus. Visit Hexxa Plus page for more details.

Hexxa Plus

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