Hexxa Plus

Last Updated: 2020-01-14

Hexxa is a repo extractor that allows you to download jailbreak apps and tweaks. This was released for iOS 12.2 for the first time. It’s now upgraded to enable support for iOS 12 as Hexxa Plus.


Hexxa Plus Features

  • Jailbreak apps
  • Theme Collection
  • Apps and Games restricted in App Store
  • Premium ++ Apps
  • Game Emulators
  • Web based iPhone OS
  • Enables running old Mac, Windows or Ubuntu
  • Hacked App store apps & games

Hexxa Plus Compatibility

Hexxa Plus is compatible with iPhones/iPads/iPods running on iOS 13 and higher. To be more specific, we have listed down the compatibility details below.

iOS Version compatibility for Hexxa Plus

iOS 13, iOS 13.1, iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13.1.2, iOS 13.1.3, iOS 13.2, iOS 13.2.2, iOS 13.2.3, iOS 13.3 & iOS 13.3.1 beta versions.

Device compatibility for Hexxa Plus

Downloading Hexxa is little different from the usual way of installing applications. The reason being, it involves two step installation method which means that you have to install a different application first to install Hexxa to your iOS 13 or higher running iOS device. Usually that process takes a considerable amount of time. Therefore, for the users’ convenience, TaigOne app has made this Hexxa download file available for you to download easily. So what you need to do is install the Hexxa plugin directly to your iPhone/iPad/iPod via “Add to Home” feature without any hassle.

Why TaigOne to download Hexxa?


TaigOne skips the unnecessary installation steps and makes it easier for you to access Hexxa.

Let’s not make it complicated. Here is what and how to do itt. Simply follow the below step by step guide and enjoy.

    Step 01: Tap on “Download” button below to download TaigOne first

    Install TaigOne *** Make sure that you use Safari Browser for this Installation Process

    Step 02: Tap on “Share button”
    Step 03: Then tap on “Add to Home screen” ( This skips three uneccessary steps)
    Step 04: launch the downloaded TaigOne app on your homescreen and tap on “Hexxa Plus”
    Step 05: Then tap on “Allow”. Go to Settings → Profile Downloaded and enter Passcode and Install Hexxa Plus.
    Step 06: Congratulations. Now you are there. Find Hexxa on your home screen.

How to install apps from Hexxa

    Step 01: : Launch the downloaded Hexxa Plus app on your phone
    Step 02:Tap on Get Repos and select a repo
    Step 03: Tap on Copy to copy a repo
    Step 04: Paste it on Extract Repo and tap “OK”
    Step 05: Select an app to Download → allow and then close
    Step 06: Then, Go to Settings → Profile Downloaded. Tap on “Install” and Enter Passcode to get it Installed.

That’s all about Hexxa Plus. We will update you more on Hexxa and other jailbreak solutions, apps and tweaks as we got the latest updates and news on it. Wish you a happy time with jailbreak.

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