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Last Updated: 2019-12-18

LiTweaks is a tweak store which was created by the famous iOS hacker / developer Li Yuang Ying. He is a chinese developer who has created many jailbreak tweaks before. This LiTweaks is a tweak store which differs a little from his usual behaviour.


LiTweaks store consist of tweaked apps. The speciality of these tweaks are, all these tweaks does not need jailbreak to operate. So users can use these tweaks without worrying of a jailbreak and for most, without waiting for a stable jailbreak.

What are the non-jailbreak tweaks of LiTweaks
Litweaks store got 4 major no-jailbreak needed tweaks.

  1. Pong
  2. Ying
  3. Tiqu and Tiqu++
  4. iWish
Let’s consider each of these below.



Pong is a non-jailbreak tweak which offers hundreds of hacked iOS games. These game versions are hacked and you can get unlimited gems, unlimited lives and many more other benefits.
Advantages of Pong

  1. No jailbreak needed
  2. Any iOS version can install Pong
  3. Any device is compatible (including the latest iPhone 11 - A13)
  4. Unlimited lives, gems
  5. Hundreds of apps can be found in one place
  6. No risk of using the games

How to download Pong

You can download pong mainly in two ways as TaigOne acts as a facilitator for Pong by Litweaks.
  1. Install Pong via TaigOne.This way, you may install Pong for fully free.

  2. Download via TaigOne

  3. Install Pong via official site of Litweaks. This may cost you a little, but still you will get Pong premium version.

  4. Download via Litweaks

How to download a game from Pong

This process is really easy. What you need to do is install Pong using any option given above.

  1. Now open Pong
  2. You will ask for a registration code.
  3. Copy and paste one of the below registration codes

  4. XG189 K4YHG MY132 UL8HK KLP51 M00EC

  5. That’s it. You have registered your own Pong app. Now install any app using the install button as below.
how install screenshot


Ying logo

Ying is a special app store of tweaked social media apps installer. This consists of hacked iOS app collection and Social Media++ apps like facebook++, instagram++ etc.
Advantages of Ying

  1. No jailbreak needed
  2. Any iOS version can install Ying
  3. Any device is compatible (including the latest iPhone 11 - A13)
  4. Hundreds of hacked apps can be found in one place
  5. No risk.

How to download ying

Download Ying is really easy as TaigOne offers Ying for 100% above Button then again you may download Ying from LiTweaks official site also. ying screenshot

Device compatability for Ying

Any iOS device is compatible with Ying.



Tiqu is a repo installer. Not just a repo installer, but a repo installer which does not need jailbreak for it. Tiqu has a reputation for many third party repos and all these repos does not need jailbreak to work. You may not need to install a jailbreak, but use third party repos just like you do with BigBoss.

Tiqu has an extended version as Tiqu++ for the latest iOS versions.


tiqu++ logo

Tiqu compatible iOS versions

Tiqu is compatible for iOS 12 and other versions while Tiqu++ is for iOs 13 and higher.

Tiqu compatible iDevices

Every iPhone and iPad is compatible with Tiqu and Tiqu++ at the moment.

How to download Tiqu

As stated for Ying and Pong, Tiqu also can be downloaded by two different methods.
  1. From TaigOne
  2. From LiTweaks


How to install Tiqu from TaigOne and to install a repo from Tiqu

  1. Install TaigOne from here
  2. Open it and find Tiqu from the list as shown in the image
  3. Now install Tiqu and open Tiqu
  4. Tap Repo List button under Home tab
  5. Copy a repo URL and open the Tiqu app again
  6. Tap on Extract button
  7. Paste the copied repo url and tap on ok
  8. Done!! Now you have successfully extract repos.
  9. To see saved repos tap on "saved" tab on Tiqu App
Follow these simple steps to install any repo of the list.



iWish is a different kind of tweak and also one of the famous non-jailbreak tweak. This is a wish installer. You can select the wish category and type the wish you want and then can send it via any mode like viber, text message,mail etc. Then this special wish will install in your receiver’s device home screen.
As this is very user friendly and animated, iWish is really popular among iOS lovers.

Advantages of using iWish

  1. Very user friendly platform.
  2. Can send the wish using any method (viber, whatspp, text message, mail, etc).
  3. Birthday, Halloween, New year, Christmas, new born baby, and many more actegories to choose with many designed wishes.
  4. Wish like a pro.

How to download iWish

This is easy. Choose either TaigOne or LiTweaks official website.
How to send a wish using iWish iwish screenshot
  1. Install iWish using any method mentioned earlier.
  2. Now open iWish and tap on “select a wish”
  3.    Eg: Bday
  4. Select the category.
  5. Tap on “make a wish”
  6. Select a theme you like for Eg: Yummy cake.
  7. Now select the device model
  8. Apply the settings and type the wish.
  9. Go
  10. Tada! Your wish is ready.
  11. Either you may download or send it via any social media you prefer.

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