Tiqu Installation Guide

Click here to install Tiqu

Step by Step Installation Guide

Step 1 : Click on the link the Button above to start the installation process of Tiqu. Make sure that you follow the steps using Safari browser of your iPhone / iPad

Step 2 :You will be redirected to the installation steps. There you Tap Download to the Settings button.
Step 3 : It will give you a popup, What you need to do is simply Tap Allow to accept the download.
Step 4 : Now you have to Open Settings → Downloaded Profile to continue the process. Alternatively you can Open Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management and check for the downloaded profile to install.
Step 5 : Once you click on the downloaded profile, you will see a blue color install link on right top corner. Tap Install and Enter Your Passcode to confirm the installation.
Step 6 :It will show you another popup, Tap Install button and finally Done on the right top corner. Once you follow the steps you will have Tiqu installed successfully on your device.