Last Updated: 2019-12-31

TweakMo is the best Cydia alternative and third-party app store which offers variety of jailbreak tweaks. All these iOS customization tweaks are given for iPhones, iPads and iPods.


Not only jailbreak tweaks, but jailbreak apps and tools are also given by TweakMo.

How to download TweakMo

TweakMo can be downloaded in many ways. Below listed are the ways to download TweakMo.


    TaigOne offers TweakMo for a discounted price which is much easier than other ways.

Install TweakMo via TaigOne *** Make sure that you use Safari Browser for this Installation Process

    Step 01: Tap on the above install button and install TaigOne app open it.
    Step 02: You can find TweakMo on the Jailbreak tab and tap on it.

    screenshot image
    Step 03: Tap on the Install button on the upper right corner and install TweakMo from TaigOne.

    Step 04: You can find TweakMo on your Home Screen. Enjoy TweakMo.


    02.TweakMo official website

    You can download TweakMo from its official website. But it will cost a few dollars.

Compatible iOS versions for TweakMo

All iOS versions including the latest iOS version, iOS 13.3 is compatible with TweakMo.

Device list compatible for TweakMo

All iPhone models including the latest iPhone 11 with A13 bionic chip is also compatible with TweakMo.

Advantages of TweakMo

TweakMo is getting advantageous because of many reasons.

  1. Find many tweaks under one place
  2. No need to jailbreak the device in order to install these apps/tweaks
  3. No expiration
  4. Less cost

What are the best apps in TweakMo

There are many jailbreak and non-jailbreak apps in TweakMo, but one of the most famous jailbreak app users search for is NGX play.

TwekaMo offers NGX play and many other untethered jailbreak apps. TweakMo is compatible even with the latest iOS 13 and higher.


Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks

With TweakMo you can go and feel beyond the Apple’s boundaries. TweakMo gives free jailbreak apps for free membership. And also it offers three memberships Silver, Gold and Platinum. With each membership you can unlock that category and you are free to install apps, tweaks and many more which offer from that category.

TweakMo offers three categories.

  • Jailbreak Apps
  • You can install more than hundreds of jailbreak apps as you wish.
  • Jailbreak Tweaks
  • Jailbreak Tools
  • You will be able to download any jailbreak app with TweakMo for any jailbreakable version.

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