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In talking of jailbreak we are well aware that some of our users may have questions emerse in their minds. Well, here are some most common questions which our clients freequently ask with satisfying answers. You may go through to get a clear idea on jailbreak and about TaigOne.
Let's go.

  • Is jailbreak illegal?

    No. It is not illegal by law. But Apple considers it as a violence.

  • Why Jailbreak?

    Because, it breaks limits of iOS. Lets the user experience more than iOS standard offerings such as unlimited tweaks, apps or extensions.

  • What are the advantages of Jailbreak?

    You can customize your iDevice.
    Unlimited access to apps.
    Gives you amazing tweaks and themes that are not available in App store.
    You are free to do almost anything you want to do on iOS without any restriction.

  • Do I need to pay for Jailbreak?

    No. It is completely free of charge. Jailbreaks are released time to time with the newer versions of iOS. Every release is handed to public for free.

  • Can I take my phone back to default even after jailbreaking?

    Yes. you can restore your firmware back to the original status if you wish to. That can be achieved either by restoring your i Device or using Cydia Impactor.
    Note: If you are to restore, make sure you backup your phone before you reset.

  • Unjailbreaking Via Cydia Impactor

    Search Install Cydia Impactor in Cydia.
    Tap on “delete all data and unjailbreak device”.
    Wait until the process is done.

  • Does Jailbreak voids my warranty?

    Yes. Because Apple considers it as illegal. But, fortunately you can get iDevice back to the non Jailbroken status by using Cydia impactor.

  • What is TaigOne

    TaigOne gives you many jailbreak solutions for your iDevice. It mainly provides 4 solutions to the most common yet undressed questions of iOS community such as latest, jailbreak tools, iOS downgrading, Cydia or Cydia alternatives.

  • What is TaigOne Jailbreak Finder?

    It is a TaigOne feature that shows you the most suitable jailbreak tool for your current iOS version also suggests you the jailbreak alternatives that can be used on any iDevice despite its iOS version.

  • What is TaigOne Alternatives?

    Brings you the best Jailbreak tools for your iOS. Therefore you don’t need to be worried if there is no jailbreak released yet for your current iOS. TaigOne Alternatives gives you the most Cydia apps at your request .

  • What is TaigOne Downgrader

    This is a TaigOne app that enables you go back to the previous iOS version. It saves shsh2 blobs of your iOS versions and lets you downgrade after an upgrade.

  • What is TaigOne Installer?

    TaigOne installer consists of a huge range of tweaked apps, extensions, themes or app stores. You may simply install and enjoy.

  • What is “What is my iPhone”

    A feature that helps you find your current iOS version details .

  • Do you need to jailbreak your iDevice to try out TaigOne?

    NO. Jailbreak status of your iOS is not a matter. You may use TaigOne anytime you need or feel like.

  • Is TaigOne free?

    TaigOne is fully free for now. Plus, you may find more free and discounted offers time to time with more value additions. Therefore it is wise to be in touch with the app.

  • Can I downgrade any iOS version to any previous iOS version?

    Yes. But you need to make sure that you have saved the shsh2 blob of the relevant iOS version. For that TaigOne offers TaigOne Downgrader.

  • Do I need to jailbreak my device to have tweaked apps?

    Not necessarily. You can have most tweaked apps without jailbreaking your device. TaigOne itself gives you tweaked apps, extensions and themes as well as TweakMo does.

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