Apple released iOS 14 and most recently iOS 14.5 beta. However, as jailbreak lovers, the important topic is iOS 14 jailbreak. iOS 14 can be jailbroken using checkra1n but there is no online jailbreak tool yet confirmed for jailbreaking iOS 14 public version.

Parallelly to jailbreak we can talk about iOS 14 - iOS 14.5 tweaks. We know there are a large number of jailbreak tweaks and non-jailbreak apps released for previous iOS versions.

So most of the people asking the question of what are the tweaks for iOS 14?

We have an answer to this question. Tiqu is the latest tweak released for iOS 14. Let’s see what is Tiqu.

What is Tiqu?

Tiqu is the latest jailbreak tweak for iOS 14. Simply Tiqu is a Repo Installer. Now you can install Tiqu for your iOS 14 - iOS 14.5 running device.

Features of Tiqu

Tiqu is a bit different from the other jailbreak tweaks. It is like an all in one app. Here are some features of Tiqu.

  • Can install a large number of Repos
  • Can run famous third-party iOS app stores like TaigOne, TweakMo, Yiti, zJailbreak, Hexxa, and more on Tiqu app.
  • iOS customization without jailbreak
  • Can have a large number of tweaks
  • Eye-catching UI with light and dark mods.
  • Can share the app via Social media apps.

How to Download Tiqu?

There are 2 ways to download Tiqu.

  1. From Tiqu official website
  2. Direct Download

You can directly download Tiqu from the below install button.

Install Tiqu

Step by Step Guide to install Tiqu

Follow the steps below to install the Tiqu app.

Note: Before proceeding the below steps make sure your device is running the latest iOS 14 - iOS 14.5. And Safari browser is mandatory.

Step 01 : Tap on the above Install Tiqu button to start the installation process.

Step 02 : You will direct to the Tiqu install page and then tap the Download to the Settings button. Once the button is tapped, you will be asked to allow the download. Tap Allow. A profile will be downloaded to the settings and make sure that you follow the next steps from your phone settings.

Step 03 : Now you can Open Settings → Downloaded Profile to continue the process. Otherwise, you can Open Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management and check for the downloaded profile to install.

Step 4 : Once you click on the downloaded profile, you will see a blue color install link on right top corner. Tap Install and Enter Your Passcode to confirm the installation.

Step 5 : It will show you another popup, Tap Install button and finally Done on the right top corner.

Once you follow the steps you will have Tiqu installed successfully on your device. Enjoy Tiqu!

How Tiqu Works?

You can easily download Tiqu by following the above steps guide. Below guide will help you to use the Tiqu app.

01. After installing you can open the Tiqu app and it will launch the Home Screen.

02. You can Get Repo URLs from Get Repos Button.

03. Then click the ADD button at the bottom of the app

04. Paste the copied URL in the given box.

05. Now you can have your selected app.

06. If you want to switch Light and Dark modes you can do it with the Toggle in the upper left corner.

07. You can also share the app with your friends via Social media. You can do it using the Share button at the bottom.

08. Also, you can Upgrade the app to have more features.

Tiqu Repo URLs

You can get Tiqu URLs from below.


TaigOne is a jailbreak tool finder. You can install jailbreak tools and tweaks from TaigOne.Click below button to Copy TaigOne Repo URL.


TweakMo is a tweaked app installer and a Cydia alternative app.Click below button to Copy TweakMo Repo URL.


Yiti offers iOS paid apps for free. Get paid apps free for iOS 14 from Yiti.Click below button to Copy Yiti Repo URL.


Pong is a hacked game app store. Install hacked games without jailbreak from Pong.Click below button to Copy Pong Repo URL.


Ying offers social media duplicates like Facebook++, Tinder++, Whatsapp++ and more.Click below button to Copy Ying Repo URL.


Zjailbreak is a third party application manager. It offers jailbreak installers, movies and themes.Click below button to Copy zJailbreak Repo URL.


TweakHack is a popular tweaked store. It offers jailbreak apps and tweaks.Click below button to Copy TweakHack Repo URL.


TweakPro is a popular tweaked store by a hacker. It offers jailbreak apps with social media tweaks.Click below button to Copy TweakPro Repo URL.


LegacyTweak is a set of applications that includes number of famous jailbreak tweaks.Click below button to Copy LegacyTweak Repo URL.

Note: You can install above free repos with Tiqu free app. If you want to install Pro repos you may need update to Tiqu Pro Pack.

Tiqu Pros and Cons

You can see the pros and cons of Tiqu app from below.

Pros of Tiqu

  • No need to jailbreak. If you are looking for jailbroken solutions visit 3u Tools page
  • Easy installation method
  • Can use a bundle of third-party App Stores in a single app
  • A large number of repo installation
  • 100% safe downloading
  • iOS customization without jailbreak
  • Can have unlimited tweaks like hacked games, iOS customization apps, jailbreak tools, social media duplicates and more.
  • Using the Tiqu app does not void Applecare warranty
  • Use the app in light and dark mode
  • Can share the app to anyone via social media

Cons of Tiqu

  • This app only works for the upcoming iOS 14
  • You can have limited repos from the free app. If you want to add more repos you have to get the Pro version.

Tiqu vs Other Apps

In the jailbreak community, there is a big competition among the jailbreak apps and tweaks. Most of the apps do the same thing. But they are mainly different from some features, price, number of given apps, and iOS version compatibility.

Let’s compare Tiqu with some famous third-party app stores.

Feature/Functions Tiqu Yiti Apps Pong Ying
Number of apps Hundreds Less than a hundred Hundreds Less than a hundred
Compatibility iOS 14 iOS 9 & Up iOS 12.1 & Up iOS 12 & Up
Jailbreak requirement No No No No
Dark/Light Mode Yes No No No
Share App via Social Media Yes No No No
Different Categories of Apps A large number of App categories available Few Categories of Apps available One App category available One App category available