Tweak Compatibility Checker

Tweak Compatibility Checker

Tweak Compatibility Checker is for all who love to get tweaks. When you install jailbreak or non-jailbreak tweaks you are wondering what the tweak is about. Tweak Compatibility Checker will help to find out it all.

What is Tweak Compatibility Checker?

Tweak CC is the easiest way to find out tweaks to your iOS version. If you know of a tweak but you don’t have an idea what are the compatible versions of this tweak, you can always use this Tweak Checker to find about it.

Also, you can use this Tweak CC to find what are the supporting tweaks to your iOS version.
You don’t want to waste your time finding it via the web.

Let’s see how to install Tweak CC.

How to install Tweak Compatibility Checker

There are few easy methods to install the Tweak Compatibility Checker. Let’s see what those are.

  1. From TaigOne
  2. From TweakMo

You can easily install Tweak Compatibility Checker from TaigOne. Here are the steps to install it from TaigOne.

TaigOne Jailbreak
Install TaigOne

Step 01 : First install the TaigOne app from the above button. If you already installed Taigone you can move to the next step.

Note: Safari Browser is mandatory for this installation process.

Step 02 : Then you can find Tweak Compatibility Checker (Tweak CC) from the jailbreak tab. Tap on it.

Step 03 : Tap the Install button on the top right corner. It will give you a popup and tap on Allow.

Step 04 : Go to your device’s Settings and tap on Profile Downloaded.

Step 05 : Tap on the Install button on the top right corner. Then enter your Passcode.

Step 06 : Tap on Install again and tap Done as the final step.

Now you have successfully installed Tweak CC on your device. You can find it on your Home Screen. Enjoy Tweak CC!

TweakMo is the other way to install Tweak CC. you can easily install it via the TweakMo app. Visit the TweakMo page to install TweakMo.

How Tweak CC Works?

You can easily use the Tweak CC app and here is the full guide to use it.

When you install the Tweak CC using TaigOne or TweakMo you can find it on your Home Screen. Tap on it and it will launch the Home page.

Then you can see a search bar, drop down, and the tweaks list. You can select your device’s version from the drop-down menu. Then it will show the number of tweaks compatible with your device’s iOS version.

Then it will list out what are the compatible tweaks and small descriptions of all the tweaks.

If you know about a tweak you can search it from the search bar on the top of the screen. If the tweak is compatible with your device version the tweak will appear in the list. If not it will not appear.

If you need more iOS tweaked apps, check iOS Apps and Tweaks, which can be used without jailbreak

Tweak CC Pros and Cons

Pros of Tweak CC

  • No need to jailbreak to install Tweak CC
  • Easy installation method
  • 100% safe downloading
  • More than 10000 tweak details.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible for iOS 7 - iOS 14.2

Cons of Tweak CC

  • Limited features.
  • Tweak installation is not available.

Install Tweaks without Jailbreak

If you are looking to Install iOS tweaks without jailbreaking your device, you may try Tutu App. It offers a set of apps and tweaks which can be installed without jailbreak. Most of the iOS Jailbreak Tweaks needs root access to work properly. But the no jailbreak tweaks extends the functionality upto a certain level with no root access.