Tweakmo, Download Jailbreak Apps without Jailbreaking

TweakMo is the best Cydia alternative and third-party app store which offers variety of jailbreak apps and tweaks. Also TweakMo allows you to download and install jailbreak tools like Unc0ver and Chimera. Further the games tab of TweakMo allows to download hacked games for free. All these apps, games and iOS customization tweaks work perfectly in all the current iPhone and iPad models running on any iOS version.

Let's see how to download TweakMo. TweakMo can be installed online and it does not require a computer to install TweakMo. All you need is your iPhone or iPad with an active internet connection. We will describe two methods of downloading TweakMo. You can follow any method to install this cool application

Compatible iOS versions for TweakMo
TweakMo support all most the all iOS versions including the latest iOS version, iOS 15 is also compatible with TweakMo.

Device list compatible for TweakMo
All iPhone models including the latest iPhone 12 with A14 bionic chip is also compatible with TweakMo.

How to download TweakMo?

TweakMo can be downloaded in many ways. Below listed are the 2 easiest ways to download TweakMo.

  1. Download via Ataler
  2. Download via Taigone

1. Download via Ataler

You can download TweakMo from Ataler. Just top into Install Ataler from your iPhone or iPad and follow the installation guide.

2. Download via TaigOne

The next methods of downloading TweakMo is the TaigOne. If you do not have TaigOne installed install TaigOne using the button below. You may find more information about TaigOne and installation steps at TaigOne page.

Install TweakMo via TaigOne

How to Install TweakMo (Step by Step Guide)

Step 01 : Tap on the above install button and install TaigOne. If you have already installed TaigOne, you may skip this step and directly move to Step 02.

Step 02 : Open Taigone App from your home screen and navigate to Jailbreak tab. Scroll down and find TweakMo

Tap on TweakMo to Start the installation process.

Step 03 : Click on the Install button at the top right corner to start the installation process.

Once the button is tapped, you will be asked to allow the download. Tap Allow

A profile will be downloaded to the settings and make sure that you follow the next steps from your phone settings.

Step 4 : Now you have to Open Settings → Downloaded Profile to continue the process. Alternatively you can Open Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management and check for the downloaded profile to install.

Step 5 : Once you click on the downloaded profile, you will see a blue color install link on right top corner. Tap Install and Enter Your Passcode to confirm the installation.

Step 6 : It will show you another popup, Tap Install button and finally Done on the right top corner. Once you follow the steps you will have TweakMo installed successfully on your device.

Features of TweakMo

TweakMo offers number of features for non jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Find out the most valuable features of TweakMo.

  1. All the required apps and tweaks under one hood
  2. Tweak Compatibility Checker - Find and test tweaks are compatible with your iPhone, iOS version
  3. No need to jailbreak the device in order to install these apps/tweaks
  4. No expiration - Once you install it will last forever
  5. New apps added weekly and monthly

There are many jailbreak and non-jailbreak apps in TweakMo, but one of the most famous jailbreak app users search for is NGX play

TwekaMo offers NGX play and many other untethered jailbreak apps. TweakMo is compatible even with the latest iOS 15 and higher.

With TweakMo you can go and feel beyond the Apple’s boundaries. TweakMo gives free jailbreak apps for free membership. And also it offers three memberships Silver, Gold and Platinum. With each membership you can unlock that category and you are free to install apps, tweaks and many more which offer from that category. If you are unable to find the needed apps in TweakMo, you may try the other Apps for Jailbroken or Non Jailbroken devices.

What is new in TweakMo V3

TweakMo V3.0.0 released recently and check out the following video to learn more about TweakMo