You enjoy Electra jailbreak with jailbreaking your iDevice. But if you want to remove the jailbreak you have to unjailbreak your device. So the solution is Rollectra.

Rollectra Unjailbreak

What is Rollectra?

SemiRestore11/Rollectra is a un-jailbreaking tool created by Electra team member @Pwn20wnd. If you have jailbroken your device using Electra jailbreak, you can unjailbreak your device using Rollectra.

How to install Rollectra?

Now you can easily download Rollectra11 from TaigOne.

Install Rollectra11 via TaigOne

Step guide for Install Rollectra using TaigOne

Here is the step by step guide.

Step 1: First Install TaigOne from the above button.

install Rollectra using TaigOne step1

Step 2: Open TaigOne and find Rollectra11 on jailbreak tab. Tap on it.

install Rollectra using TaigOne step2

Step 3: Tap on Install.

install Rollectra using TaigOne step3

Step 4: Now you have successfully installed Rollectra11

install Rollectra using TaigOne step4

How to un-jailbreak your device using Rollectra11?

Rollectra  Unjailbreak

You have already installed Rollectra11 using TaigOne. Now you have to do a few easy steps To unjailbreak your device.

Just open Rollectra icon on your home screen. Then tap on the unjailbreak button as shown in the image below.

Note: This is important because this will delete your personal data as well. So you should take a backup of your device before using Rollectra11.

How to get a backup of iPhone before unjailbreak?

Plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into your computer and launch iTunes. Navigate to the device tab and create a backup.

Tips for successful unjailbreak:

1. Ensure that you have a decent charge level (above 50%) or plug into a power source.

2. It’s recommended that you avoid restoring from a data backup (Not the actual backup).

Advantages of Rollectra

Why you unjailbreak your device? That's why you really want to Stock iOS. When you jailbreak your device at the first time Electra takes a backup of your file system and stores it safely.

If you unjailbreak your device using Rollectra11 it will remove all data from your device. So you can have a stock iOS.