Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

Jailbreak Amazon Firestick is now easy with these simple steps. This page will discuss the followings:

  1. How to Jailbreak FireStick
  2. How to setup an alternative app store
  3. How to install free streaming applications such as Kodi

Do not know how to install a VPN ? Here's how to install a VPN - Full guide.

How to Jailbreak Firestick

By performing the following steps, it will give you the ability to install new applications with FREE streaming facility.

Have your VPN installed. VPN installation guide is below .

This will allow the app stores that are not allowed in Amazon App Store and will provide the ability to sideload applications that are not available within Amazon App Store.
These 3 steps now has jailbroken your FireStick and has allow the applications that aren't in Amazon App Store.
For the installtion of Alternative App Store on Jailbroken Firestick, see below.

How to Install Alternative App Store on Jailbroken Firestick

After you have jailbroken the FireStick, we can install a free application called "Downloader". This is available in Amazon App Store. This app is essential for having various other applications which aren't available in Amazon App Store. Specially "Aptoide TV" which we will use for this alternative app store.

Let's see the steps.

Go to the home screen of your Firestick by clicking the home button on remote. Hover over the search icon. Then search as "Downloader" --> OK from your remote.

Click Downloader icon and Download button. It will begin to download and install. --> then click Open --> click on OK for the updates of app.

Then a message will be prompted asking for permisson for Downloader to acess on your files. Press on "Allow".

Want to know how to install free streaming apps? Here is the way. see below.

How to Install Kodi

After you launch Aptoide TV you can see this remote-control friendly UI. In this UI you may find many streaming applications. To have Kodi on your FireStick follow these simple 2 steps.

Let's see the steps.

Go to Top Apps --> Select Kodi from the list. Click Install button.

And that's it. Kodi - One of the most famous streaming app has been installed on your jailbroken Firestick/Fire TV. Kodi will perform well with some third party addons that provide free movies, TV shows, live channels, sports and more.

Below listed are some famous Kodi addons.

  • The Magic Dragon
  • Exodus V6
  • Liberatus
  • Movie Theater Butter
  • 13 Clowns

There are some other streaming applications also available other than Kodi for those who have a jailbroken Firestick. Here are some.

1. Cinema APK

Cinema APK

This is an Android application which provides thousands of free movies and TV shows. Cinema APK has a large nuber of media sources that provides buffer-free playback and allows both streaming and downloading for playback at a later time. This application is lightweight and compatible with Firestick and Fire TV.

2. Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV provides thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. The most important thing of Morpheus TV is, it is free from ads. This can be synced with the popular Trakt service so that you can keep track of your watch-lists.

Apps for Live Television Streaming

1. Mobdro


Mobdro is a free live video streaming service that works on Firestick. This application scours the internet for live streams from around the world and broadcasts them on the app.\ This is great for free live TV series.

2. Kodi Solutions

Kodi Solutions

Kodi Solutions is an IPTV service. This costs $5 per month and serves over 4,000 live channels which are accepeted to be expensive. This app is great for Sports lovers as this provides unlimited access to all of the professional season-pass packages and PPV events.

Apps for Miscellaneous Utilities

1. Mouse Toggle for Firestick & Fire TV

Mouse Toggle

The Mouse Toggle app is a solution for the problems in remote control. This will allow users to use a virtual mouse on the Firestick/Fire TV/Fire TV Cube. This app is a must for the jailbroken FireSticks as some of third party apps won't work well with the remote.

2. Aptoide TV App Store

Aptoide TV

As FireStick comes with it's own Amazon App Store, it is difficult to have other apps which are not included in Amazon. So as we discuused deeper in this artcile, Aptoide allows us to have these third party apps without any restictions only if you jailbreak your FireStick.

How to install a VPN

We recommend ExpressVPN, which is the fastest and most secure VPN. It is Kodi friendly and very easy-to-install on Fire TV / Stick. This is only for you to not to get in to a trouble unintentionally and we do not encourage you to violate any copyright law. Here is how to have the VPN for your FireStick / TV.

Here are the steps:

Subscribe to ExpressVPN. Click here to subscribe. This has a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can use it freely for the first 30-days and for any dissatisfaction a refund is promised.

Jailbreak Firestick FAQ

Why do I need to jailbreak Firestick?

Amazon FireStick is an in-demand streaming device comes directly equipped with the Amazon App Store. This is so popular because of it's low-cost solution to convert any regular TV with HDMI compatibility into a smart TV. lets you stream content from a variety of online media and entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Hotstar, and several TV Networks. Well, using Amazon Prime Videos or Netflix are really not FREE. So this cost you to get use from your Firesick plus this is limited to these options only. But when you jailbreak FireStick it will provide access to thousands of free movies, TV shows, sports, live channels and more. It will also work for the Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and televisions running the Fire TV OS.

Is jailbreaking a Firestick illegal?

No. It's not illegal. This does not violate any rules since it simply allows watching movies and TV shows most of the time.

What are the requirements to use a Jailbroken Firestick?

High Speed Internet. Most of your jailbroken firestick apps need a high speed internet.

Will my Firestick become damaged by jailbreaking it?

No, jailbreak does not access to the hardware of the Fire TV Stick. So there is no harm done by jailbreaking it.

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