Jailbreak iOS 15.2 - iOS 15.2.1

iOS 15.2 - iOS 15.2.1 Jailbreak

Here is the complete review on iOS 15.2 - iOS 15.2.1 Jailbreak. Find Jailbreak Tools, Third Party Apps, App Stores and No Computer Online Methods to install Apps, Tweaks and Games for iOS 15.2.x.

There are no tethered or semi-tethered jailbreak tools for iOS 15.2.x at this time, (Cheyote Jailbeak will be released to support iOS 15 - iOS 15.1.1 Only)

Jailbreak Solutions for iOS 15.2

Let's have a look at the available solutions which don't require jailbreak. Using the following Apps and App Stores, you can download themes, customize app icons, download wallpapers, hacked games, tweaks and more for iOS 15.2.

Jailbreak Solutions for iOS 15.2

Here are the top two third party app stores you can download for iOS 15.2 / iOS 15.2.1. The following app stores will be used to download and install apps.

All the below app stores are compatible with iOS 15.4 beta. See more on iOS 15.4 jailbreak.

1. Taig9 IPA Store

Taig9 IPA Store is a one-stop destination for you to install hundreds of IPAs with NO REVOKE! Also, every IPA on the Taig9 IPA store is completely free to install. The most fascinating thing about this store is that it doesn't require you to jailbreak iOS 15.2 to install any third party app.

Check out the top offerings of the T9 IPA store below.

  • Social media ++ IPAs
  • MacDirtyCow tweak IPAs
  • Hacked games IPAs
  • Jailbreak tools IPAs
  • TrollStore IPAs
  • File Manager IPAs
  • IPA signing apps, and many more.

You can enjoy the T9 IPA Store by tapping the button below!

Install Taig9 IPA Store Now →

2. Reposi Repo Extractor

This is a repo extractor store that enables you to install a comprehensive array of repos just in a matter of seconds without iOS 15.2 jailbreak. This repo extractor is special as you can install it completely for free, and it doesn't void the Apple warranty in any way.

Here, you can check available repos on the Reposi app. Use the button below to enjoy them without further ado!

Install Reposi Repo Extractor Now →

3. Saynmo

Saynmo is a no jailbreak apps collection supports all iOS 15.2 versions. It offers jailbreak tools, jailbreak tweaks, hacked games, iOS themes, and more. Also, it supports all the devices including the latest iPhone 13. So both old and new devices users can enjoy Saynmo with iOS 15.2 - iOS 15.2.1.

You can easily install Saynmo from the below Install button.

Install Saynmo

Learn more about Saynmo.

How Saynmo Works?

After installing Saynmo you can find it from the home screen. Saynmo app has 4 main tabs. They are Jailbreak Tools, Tweaks, Games and Stores. If you want to download jailbreak tools, you can get them from the first tab. Also, there is a search bar at the top of the app and you can easily find what you want.
In the tweaks tab you can find many jailbreak tweaks like movie apps, social media ++ apps, music apps, recorders and scanner apps, and more.
In the Games tab you can download cracked and hacked games.
You can download other third party app stores supported for iOS 15.2 using the Stores tab.

4. Ataler

Ataler is a no jailbreak iOS customization app store. That means it does not require a jailbreak to work. There are multiple iOS customization apps included in Ataler. It supports the latest iOS 15.2.1 and below on all devices including the latest iPhone 13 / iPhone 12.

You can install Ataler from the below button.

Install Ataler

Learn more about Ataler.

What you can get from Ataler?
  • iOS themes and wallpaper and icons stores
  • iOS keyboard customization apps
  • iOS launch screen customization apps
  • Movie streaming app collection and more.

5. No Jailbreak iOS Customization Apps

iOS customization apps for iOS 15.2

You can customize iOS 15.2 - iOS 15.2.1 devices using the following Apps without jailbreak.


Themone is an iOS theme, icon packs and a wallpaper collection. There are many themes and wallpapers included in Themone. Jailbreaking is not required for your iOS 15.2 device to apply the iOS themes / wallpapers. You can just download, and install the Themone app and select the theme and wallpaper you want and then apply it to your iPhone / iPad. And removing Themone iOS themes is a matter of a few clicks. If you do not like the theme, you may remove it with a few clicks and reinstall a new theme.

How to Install Themone?

You can install Themone using the button below.

Install Themone App Now →

Here are the popular themes and wallpaper categories available in Themone.

  1. Beautify
  2. Heroic themes
  3. Trendy Themes
  4. 3D Themes
  5. Cool Themes
  6. Digital Themes
  1. Cities Images
  2. 3D Images
  3. Pattern Images
  4. Cars Images
  5. Girls Images
  6. Nature Images
  7. Flower Images
  8. Lifestyle Images
  9. Objects Images
  10. Animals
  11. Evening Images
  12. Superhero Images
  13. Romantic Images


Jian is an iOS keyboard customization app. You can replace the boring default keyboard appearance of your iPhone with your favorite images. You can choose any image from your device’s image gallery and apply it to your keyboard. No need to jailbreak.

How to Install Jian?

You can install Jian from the Ataler app. See Ataler selection above to install Ataler.


Launchify is an iOS launch screen customization app. Using Launchify, you can customize home screen and launch screen, customize icon themes, customize app drawers, position and customize app icons, hide and remove apps, and more.

How to install Launchify?

You can install Launchify using the Ataler app. Install Ataler from here.

Top Widget

Top Widget is an iOS customization app that supports iOS 14 and later. Using this app you can install various kinds of widgets for iOS 15.2 running devices.

How to download Top Widget?

You can download Top Widget from the Saynmo app. First Install Saynmo from here and you can find Top Widget under the Promotional Apps in Stores tab.

Here are the widgets that you can have from Top Widgets.

● Photos, Photos in Album, Photos with analog frame
● Time, Date & Battery
● Countdown/Commemoration Day
● Quick Launchers
● Daily, Hourly, & Current Weather
● Calendar
● Analog Clock
● Quotes for today
● Calendar with events
● Reminders
● Step Count/Pedometer & Calorie Count


Widgetsmith is a home screen personalization app. It contains a wide collection of highly customizable widgets. It supports iOS 14 and below versions including iOS 15.2. You can download this app using the Saynmo app.

Find and Download Jailbreak Tools for iOS 15.2

Find and Download Jailbreak Tools for iOS 15.2

Let’s see what are the possible and upcoming jailbreak tools for iOS 15.2 and ways to download those. The jailbreaking tools are mainly categorized into two different categories.

  1. Online / No Computer jailbreak tools
  2. PC / Computer jailbreaking tools

Let’s find out the available jailbreaking tools and jailbreak tool finders.


BreakJail is a jailbreak tools finder which supports downloading jailbreak tools without a computer for iOS 15.2. When you download BreakJail, it automatically identifies your device and iOS version. And it suggests the best available jailbreaking tools for you. If there are no jailbreak tools, you can simply keep the app and check back as it updates regularly.

Install BreakJail

Trigger Virtual Jailbreak

Using the Trigger Virtual Jailbreak you can virtually jailbreak your iOS 15.2 running device. After jailbreaking virtually, it will allow you to install package managers like Cydia and Sileo. Also, there are third party app stores for hacked apps, hacked games, and to install paid apps for free. Since this is only a virtual jailbreaking process, you can not get fully functional Cydia or Sileo. But you can experience Cydia and Sileo using the demo versions. Please click on the button below to experience iOS 15 virtual jailbreaking process

Trigger Virtual Jailbreak

Note: Trigger Virtual jailbreak is running on Safari Browser. So Safari Browser is mandatory for this jailbreak process.

Visit the Trigger Jailbreak page for more details.

Online / No Computer Jailbreak Methods

There are no jailbreak tools released for iOS 15.2 yet. But the following online jailbreak methods have a possibility to be released for iOS 15.2.

Unc0ver Jailbreak

The Unc0ver team is actively working on jailbreaking for the newest iOS versions these days. Unc0ver latest version v8.0.2 released up to iOS 14.8 for latest devices. This is good news for iOS 15 users who are using the latest devices like the iPhone 13. The Unc0ver team has not yet confirmed iOS 15.2 support. But there is a hope that unc0ver will support a new version with iOS 15.2 support. Stay with us for the future updates related to Unc0ver 15 Jailbreak.

Taurine Jailbreak

Taurine jailbreak currently supports iOS 14 -  iOS 14.3. Taurine developer Coolstar reveals that he will release a new version of Taurine for iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.5.1 with Fugu14. But not a single word about iOS 15 support. There is a possibility to release Taurine for iOS 15.2. Otherwise, Coolstar will release a new jailbreak tool for iOS 15 versions as Coolstar and his team release jailbreak tools with new brands.

iOS 11 Jailbreak tool was named Electra; iOS 12, one was named Chimera, and iOS 13 one was named Odyssey. And the iOS 14 jailbreak tool released by Coolstar’s team was named Taurine, and iOS 15 - iOS 15.2 Jailbreak tool will surely be released with a new name and till then we will call it Taurine 15.

Taurine 15 is not released at the moment, but you can download jailbreak solutions for iOS 15.2.

Manticore Jailbreak

Manticore is an upcoming jailbreak tool that supports A9 - A14 devices on iOS 14 - iOS 14.3. Manticore is an open source jailbreak and includes selectable package managers like Cydia, Sileo, Zebra and Installer 5. There is no clue about Manticore for iOS 15.2. But there is hope for the latest device jailbreak on iOS 15.2 using Manticore.

PC / Computer Jailbreak Methods

Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n Jailbreak will be released as a rootless jailbreak tool for iOS 15 and up, and it will support iOS 15.2.

Checkra1n jailbreak was previously released as a PC / Computer based tool and supports upto iOS 14.8.1.  Also checkra1n only supports iPhone X and below devices. Latest devices such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are not supported for Checkra1n.

You can check whether iOS 15.2 supports or not with checkra1n using Checkra1n Downloader. Let’s see what Checkra1n Downloader is and how to use it.

Checkra1n Downloader

Using the Checkra1n Downloader, you can check the compatibility of Checkra1n with your iOS / iPadOS version and device model. If it is compatible, it allows you to download the checkra1n tool based on Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

How Checkra1n Downloader Works?

Step 1: You can get Checkra1n Downloader using the Checkra1n Downloader button above.

Step 2:  Select your iPhone / iPad model and iOS / iPadOS model.

Step 3: Select your iOS / iPad OS version

Step 4: Click the Check Compatibility button to check the compatibility for the selected device and selected iOS version.

If Checkra1n jailbreak is compatible with the selected device and iOS version, it will ask you to select your computer / PC’s operating system.

You may select your computer / PC OS and download Checkra1n Jailbreak tool for free.

Hacked, Tweaked and Cracked Games for iOS 15.2

Downloading hacked and cracked games for iOS 15.2 is possible with Saynmo. No jailbreak is required to download for that. It offers many hacked and cracked games.

Download hacked games on iOS 15.2
How to download hacked games for iOS 15.2 using Saynmo?

Here is the step guide.

Step 1: First download Saynmo from here.

Step 2: Open Saynmo app and tap on the Games tab.

Step 3: In there you can see many hacked games and game emulator collections. You can choose anything you want and tap on it.

Step 4: Then tap on the Install Now button.

Step 5: Enjoy your favorite hacked games!

To learn more about hacked, and cracked games, visit install hacked games on iOS 15.1 page.

Provenance Emulator supports iOS 15.2

The latest version of provenance emulator supports iOS 15.2 not and iOS 15.2 users can enjoy their PS4/ PS5 or any other console based games on the iPads or iPhones. The latest version v2.0.3 can be downloaded from Github and install without jailbreaking.

Here is the reddit thread related to this release


Jailbreak Tweaks

There are many jailbreak tweaks available for iOS 15.2. Here are the best no jailbreak tweaks you can download for iOS 15.2.

*** Use Tweaki Reborn to download these tweaks


Wetr is an iOS customization tweak for iOS 15.2

Wetr is an iOS customization tweak. Wetr will change the lock screen wallpaper according to the weather. Click here to download Wetr from Tweaki Reborn

Homescreen Creator

Homescreen Creator is an iOS customization tweak for iOS 15.2

Using the Home Creator tweak you can change wallpapers, customize icons, style the dock, add themes and more. This is a good iOS customization tweaks you should try. Download using Tweaki Reborn

WeatherHTML Installer

WeatherHTML is an iOS customization tweak for iOS 15.2

Using the WeatherHTML shortcut you can easily customize the device’s home screen and lock screen with different themes. Download WeatherHTML from Tweaki Reborn


ClassicaLS is an iOS customization tweak for iOS 15.2

You can apply the classic iOS 6 look to your iOS 15.2 running device using this tweak. It allows you to apply iOS 6 style lock screen to iOS 15.2.

Download Classic iOS Tweak from Tweaki Reborn


YoorWeather is an iOS customization tweak for iOS 15.2

YoorWeather contains a variety of homescreen and lock screen wallpapers. You can apply them to your iOS 15.2 running device.

Download YoorWeather from Tweaki Reborn

Tweaqi Reborn

Tweaqi Reborn is the latest product of Tweaqi team. It is a shortcut installer app available for iOS 15.2.1 and below devices. These shortcuts are only available in the jailbreak community and Tweaqi Reborn allows you to install them without jailbreaking.

You can download Tweaqi Reborn from the below button.

Install Tweaqi Reborn

There are a large number of shortcut categories available in Tweaqi Reborn app. Jailbreak, Entertainment, Life Style, Internet, Camera, Utilities are some of the popular categories. Each category contains a bundle of shortcuts.

You can download all the above-mentioned tweaks using Tweaqi Reborn.

Note: Please note that Install Apple Shortcuts App from the App Store before installing Tweaqi Reborn.

Install third party iOS / iPad OS Apps (IPA Files)

We discussed several methods to install apps and games without jailbreaking. But what if your desired app is not listed in any of the app stores. There are apps like call recorders or maybe custom apps that you specially use on your iPhone. Here are the ways to install any app on iPhone / iPad, but both these methods require a PC/ Computer and ONLY VALID for 7 DAYS.

  1. Sideloadly
  2. Altstore

iPadOS 15.2 Jailbreak

We discussed a lot about iOS 15.2, and it is time to talk about iPad OS 15.2. If you use an iPad, you might be wondering, is there anything I can use on my iPad? And the happy answer is Yes.

Almost all the jailbreaking tools, third party app stores, tweaks, themes etc, support iPad. But sadly, there are no jailbreaking tools available for jailbreaking your iPad running on iPad OS 15.2. Here are the links to access iPad OS tools.

  1. Saynmo - A third party app, jailbreaking tools, hacked and cracked apps / games downloading store for iPad
  2. Breakjail - iPadOS 15.2 Jailbreak Tool Finder
  3. Ataler - No jailbreak iPad OS customization App
  4. Trigger Virtual Jailbreak

iOS 15.2 Jailbreak News

Hacker Justin Sherman shows working exploit on iOS 15.2 with a poor success rate

Hacker Justin Sherman tweeted about a working exploit on iOS 15.2 with a poor success rate. This exploit has shown using an iPhone 8 device running on iOS 15.2. However this kernel exploit has a  low success rate, nearly 0.02%.

This exploit will be a little hope on iOS 15.2 jailbreak. But because of the Apple's high security updates it will be hard to release a jailbreak based on this exploit.

Once there is something new, we will update this page. Keep this page bookmarked and check back later for more news.

iOS 15.2 Jailbreak FAQ

How can I install Cydia on iOS 15.2?

Cydia will be available for iOS 15.2 running devices only after a successful jailbreak using Checkra1n, Unc0ver or any other compatible jailbreak tools. But none of these jailbreak tools are released for iOS 15.2. But the good news is that you may get Cydia demo versions by jailbreaking using Trigger Virtual Jailbreak.

Also, you can download the Cydia demo app without jailbreak from here.

How can I install Sileo on iOS 15.2?

Fully functional Sileo for iOS 15.2 is not available at the moment. If Taurine releases for iOS 15.2, Sileo will be the default package manager. But the Taurine team has not yet released it for iOS 15.2.

But you can install the Sileo demo version using Trigger Jailbreak by jailbreaking iOS 15.2 virtually. Also, Sileo demo app is available on Saynmo. You can install Sileo Demo from Saynmo without Jailbreak.

Does Sideloadly support iOS 15.2?

Sideloadly is a Cydia Impactor alternative and it supports iOS 15. We tested the latest version of Sideloadly in iOS 15.2 and iOS 15.3. It works perfectly without any issues.

You may follow the step guide on Sideloadly page and install apps.

Please note that there is an app limit that you can sideload using a single Apple Id. You are encouraged to use Saynmo App to install a large number of apps without any limitation.

Does Altstore support iOS 15.2?

Yes, Altstore also supports iOS 15.2 and the team officially tweeted about it.

This app also requires a Windows PC or Mac to install the altstore server to your phone. After installing Altserver you can sign ipa files using your apple id and it will only be valid for 7 days.

All the apps in Saynmo store are valid for 365 days, and can be installed without a computer.

That is all about iOS 15.2 and iPad OS 15.2 Jailbreak. Keep in touch with us for more news by signing up for the newsletter below.

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