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Last Updated: 2020-03-23

iOS Jailbreaking is getting popular with the new iOS features introduced by Apple in its latest iOS versions like iOS 13 and iOS 12. Let's discuss some advantages of iOS Jailbreaking before having a deep dive into the topic.

Why iOS Jailbreaking?

iOS Jailbreaking is so popular among the thrill seekers and even with the customization seekers because of the following reasons. Look at the top reasons to Jailbreak in 2020

  1. Jailbreak Apps
  2. Jailbreak Themes
  3. Jailbreak / Hacked Games
  4. Jailbreak Tweaks
  5. Cydia and Sileo Jailbreak App Installers

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Now let's move to the descriptive part

iOS is one of the most famous mobile operating systems in the world. Apple Inc has made this OS restricted for many third party features. Many third party mobile apps and services are not compatible with iOS as a result of these restrictions. Mobile developers and hackers identified this as an issue owing to offer "jailbreak" as a solution. By performing a jailbreak, users can bypass the restrictions made by Apple and can installed those restricted third party apps and services like Cydia and Sileo.

Users may have questions such as Can I jailbreak? What are the jailbreak softwares? How to jailbreak? How to Jailbreak online? How to install Cydia and many more. We will see how to perform an iOS Jailbreak step by step, jailbreak tools and softwares from this article. Online jailbreak and computer method of jailbreak also will be discussed. Let’s have a read.

How to Jailbreak iOS

To jailbreak an iOS, you should have jailbreak tools for that instance. These jailbreak tools can be downloaded and installed in two methods.

  1. Online method
  2. Computer method

Then there are many jailbreak tools according to the iOS version and you have to select the suitable jailbreak tool for your iOS.

01. iOS Jailbreak Online method

This is literally an online method which does not need any computer. All you need is your mobile device only. (iPhone / iPad).

You can download and install the suitable jailbreak tool via online and can perform the jailbreak by an online method with Online method.

Let’s see how to do this.

    Step 01: Download TaigOne app ( This app is for the purpose of jailbreak tools. It provides all the jailbreak tools and apps according to your iOS. No need to find it anywhere else.)

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    Install Taigone
    Step 02: After TaigOne installation open it and it will show you the jailbreak tool list and the alternatives you may use for your iOS version.

    Step 03: Now select the jailbreak tool from the list which suits for your iOS (it is shown in the app.)

    Step 04: Now download and install the jailbreak tool you have selected.

    Step 05: Open the jailbreak tool and tap on the “Jailbreak” button you will find in there.

    Step 06: That’s all. You are good to go. Your device will re-spring (re-start) during the process.

After the re-spring make sure you have Cydia/Sileo installed. This is a deafult action as a resut of a suceesfull jaibreak.

That is the easiest sign of a successful jailbreak. So this method is really easy and it will only take minutes to have this jailbreakand it

Benefits of an Online Jailbreak

  1. Fast. Takes only few minutes for the whole jailbreak process
  2. Long-lasting. The jailbreak app will expire only after you delete. But the jailbreak depends on whether it’s semi-tethered or untethered.
  3. The third-party app which provides jailbreak tools provides many other jailbreak apps, tweaks, non-jailbreak tweaks and many more.
  4. No need to use a computer. Your mobile device is enough.

02. iOS Jailbreak Computer Method

Unlike online method, this method needs a computer and a third party app called “Cydia impactor” and an iPA.

So this is somewhat a hassled way of installing jailbreak tools. Technological geeks who finds, hard ways are more interesting, can follow this method as this will take some time compared to online method.

    Step 01: Have Cydia impactor latest version installed to your computer.

    Step 02: Download the suitable iPA file of the jailbreak tool for your iOS version.

    Step 03: Open Cydia Impactor and Plug your iPhone/iPad to the computer

    Step 04:Drag and drop downloaded Jailbreak IPA to Cydia Impactor

    Step 05: Enter your iCloud Username and Password correctly when prompted

Note: If you have enabled 2FA, you will have to use app-specific password, which can be found here

This process will install the jailbreak into your device. But if your version is iOS 12 or higher, then please;

visit Settings > General > Profile & Device Management and find an entry under ENTERPRISE APPS and tap on trust to run the tool.

Therefore this is the process of the computer method. As you can see this is lengthy and need some extra effort than the online method.

Disadvantages of jailbreak by computer method

  1. Takes a considerable amount of time comparing to online method
  2. Tool will expire from 7 days after installation
  3. Need to use a computer as well as third party apps and iPA.

List of Jailbreak iPA according to the device

These are the available jailbreak IPAs for chimera jailbreak, un0ver jailbreak, Electra Jailbreak, and Phoenix Jailbreak.

Jailbreak tools according to the iOS version

There are several jailbreak tools released so far up to iOS 12.4.

  1. Phoenix Jailbreak

Phoenix jailbreak is for iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 9.3.6 jailbreak. Tihmstar and Siguza are the developers of Phoenix jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5.

  1. Electra Jailbreak

Electra is the first jailbreak that was released for iOS 11 and higher and was initially for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2. Then after that Electra was released for iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1.
Now, Chimera jailbreak by Electra team has been released for iOS 12 - 12.2.

  1. Unc0ver Jailbreak

At first unc0ver jailbreak was released for iOS 11 to iOS 11.3.1 and then it was upgraded and released for iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1 versions. Then unc0ver jailbreak was released for iOS 12 - 12.1.2 and currently it is compatible up to iOS 12.2.

  1. H3lix Jailbreak

H3lix is the only semi-untethered jailbreak tool released for 32-bit iOS devices running on iOS 10.0.1 - 10.3.3. This was released by tihmstar.

  1. LiberiOS Jailbreak

This is compatible for iOS 11- 11.1.2. Jonathan Levin is the creator of this jailbreak. This is a semi-tethered jailbreak and is compatible with all the 64-bit iOS devices running on iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 .

Above mentioned are the main jailbreak tools released so far. These tools are public user-friendly tools. You may download any of these tools from the link below.

  1. Checkm8 jailbreak exploit with checkra1n jailbreak

Checkra1n jailbreak is the latest jailbreak tool covered by checkm8 team including axi0mX. Read here for more details of checkra1n jailbreak.

iOS 13 is the latest iOS version and to check the availability of these tools for iOS 13 - 13.3. jailbreak read here.

So by doing an iOS jailbreak, you will have the opportunity of installing third party apps, tweaks, Cydia, Sileo, themes and many more.

Jailbreak alternatives for non-jailbreak

For those who do not want to perform a jailbreak, but to have jailbreak apps and tweaks, there are few solutions available in the market.

  1. TaigOne
  2. Yiti Apps
  3. LiTweaks
  4. TweakMo

These are some accurate jailbreak alternatives available in the market. You may find these apps useful and the best thing is no need to jailbreak the device to have these apps. By these alternatives, you cannot have fully functional Cydia or Sileo, but you can have lightweight demo versions of Cydia and Sileo.

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