iOS 14 Jailbreak

iOS 14 beta and iPadOS 14 beta have been released by Apple to the public. Apple released iOS 14 developer beta 2 a few days ago and it is available to download via TaigOne without a developer account.

Install Taigone using the button below to install iOS 14 beta 2.

Install TaigOne

How to Install iOS 14 Developer Beta?

Step 01 : Install TaigOne, if you have not installed it yet. Click the button above and follow the step guide for installing TaigOne. If you have installed it, you can move to Step 2.
Step 02 : Open Taigone App from your home screen and navigate to Jailbreak tab. Scroll down and find iOS 14 beta. Then tap on it.
Step 03 : Click on the Install button at the top right corner to start the installation process. Once the button is tapped, you will be asked to allow the download. Tap Allow to accept the download.
Step 04 : Now you have to Open Settings → Downloaded Profile to continue the process. Alternatively you can Open Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management and check for the downloaded profile to install.
Step 05 : Once you click on the downloaded profile, you will see a blue color install link on right top corner. Tap Install and Enter Your Passcode to confirm the installation.
Step 06 : It will show you a message from APPLE INC, Tap Install button on the right top corner. Then it will show another popup and tap on Install again.
Step 07 : Now you have successfully installed iOS 14 beta to your device. Then it will show up a popup and ask to restart.
Step 08 : Tap on restart as a final step and it will restart your device. Now you can enjoy iOS 14 !

How to Jailbreak iOS 14 (iPhone OS 14) / iPadOS 14?

Jailbreaking iOS 14 / iPhone OS 14 and iPadOS 14 will become the gleaming topic in the jailbreak community and tech world. Even now, the topic has been discussed among the community, with the release of iOS 14 beta. As we all know, jailbreak, a beta version is something that our jailbreak developers are capable with. iOS 14 beta jailbreak is also around the corner because of this possibility.

The most frequent questions of jailbreak lovers are,

  1. Can I Jailbreak iOS 14 using Checkra1n?
  2. How can I jailbreak A12, A13 and A14 running devices?
  3. Will Unc0ver support iOS 14 Jailbreak and A14 Jailbreak?
  4. What are the other jailbreak tools / alternatives for iOS 14?

Let’s discuss these topics.

Can I Jailbreak iOS 14 using Checkra1n?

Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 14 will be possible as the developers have posted an image of checkra1n running iPhone X on iOS 14. Plus they guaranteed checkra1n support till iOS 15.

Then again, Sam Binger, a team member of checkra1n, has published an image of Cydia on iPhone X running on iOS 14. If you need to know more details about iOS 14 Checkra1n jailbreak, please visit Checkra1n Jailbreak page.

Not only Checkra1n , but also Ra1nstorm Jailbreak, Ra1nUSB and Webra1n will also support iOS 14 Jailbreak for A5 - A11 devices. iOS 14 Jailbreak using Windows and Linux will be available with Ra1nstorm and iOS 14 jailbreak using Mac will be available with Ra1nUSB.

But A5 devices and A6 devices will not get iOS 14 update and they will remain in iOS 12 or 13 versions and will be able to jailbreak using Checkra1n.

Additionally, since the checkm8 exploit available only for iPhone X and older devices, latest iPhones like the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 series will be left behind this quest
So for jailbreak iPhone XS or iPhone 11 and higher, there has to be another new invention of jailbreak exploit. Even if there’s such , it is wise to not to release the details, as Apple might patch them in the next public releases.

How can I jailbreak A12, A13 and A14 running devices?

As Checkra1n jailbreak does not support these latest A12 and higher devices, it will not be possible to jailbreak any of the devices having Apple’s A14, A13 or A12 Bionic chip.

This answers the question How to Jailbreak iPhone 12 using Checkra1n? And the sad but truthful answer is “You cannot Jailbreak any of the iPhone 12 devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max using Checkra1n".
But there should be another way of course. Let’s dive into the iPhone 12 Jailbreak possibilities.

Looking at the possible ways of A14 Jailbreak and other devices like iPhone 12, the first thing to remember is iOS 14 public version or iPhone 12 is not released yet. But as jailbreak lovers, we all dream for a public jailbreak tool for iOS 14, which supports all the devices including the latest iPhone 12.

We will update this article once there is more information available and once there is a way of iOS 14 Jailbreak download. You may follow us on Twitter @GetTaigone for more updated information related to A14 Jailbreak.

Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 14

Unc0ver Jailbreak is still in the game of jailbreak since iOS 12 versions. It was released for iOS 12 and later updated for iOS 13 Jailbreak. It's time for Unc0ver Jailbreak to update to iOS 14 with Cydia Installation support for iOS 14. And most importantly, Unc0ver is the only jailbreak tool that supports the latest devices in iOS 13. And most of the people are waiting for Unc0ver to come up with a fully untethered jailbreak for iOS 14.

Even if checkra1n is not possible for A12, A13, and A14 jailbreak, unc0ver has a high possibility of iOS 14 jailbreak for A12, A13, and A14 devices.

If that desire becomes true, then there will be iOS 14 Jailbreak tweaks, iOS 14 jailbreak themes, and many more other features with unc0ver jailbreak.

Learn more about Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 14.

Odyssey Jailbreak for iOS 14

Odyssey Jailbreak is the newest jailbreak tool, which supports iOS 13 - iOS 13.5 and all the devices between A9 - A13. There is no information about Odyssey release for A14 Jailbreak or iOS 14 / iPhone OS 14 or iPad OS 14 Jailbreak.

The Team behind Odyssey Jailbreak is the well known Electra Team and the jailbreak tool Electra rebranded as Chimera Jailbreak in iOS 12, and Odyssey Jailbreak in iOS 13. The prediction is there won’t be any Electra, Chimera or Odyssey jailbreak releases for iOS 14 but it will be under a different brand name.

The successor of Odyssey will support Sileo as the default package manager for jailbroken iOS 14 devices and you may find more details about the other package managers like Cydia and Zebra below.

Will Cydia support iOS 14 for Unc0ver Jailbreak? This is still too early to answer. But we are pretty sure Saurik (Jay Freeman) will update your favorite package manager to work with iOS 14.

Sileo and Zebra will support iOS 14 but you need an extra effort to install Sileo and Zebra after jailbreaking. Click on the button below to learn more about iOS 14 supported package managers.

iOS 14 Supported Package Managers

Jailbreak Tools / Alternatives for iOS 14

Following jailbreak tools can be used to install jailbreak apps, jailbreak tweaks / tweaked apps, Cydia and Sileo in iOS 14.
Most of the following iOS 14 jailbreak tools can be used without a computer.

A Jailbreak Tool Finder for iOS 14. It supports all the versions of iOS 14 and able to download and install Cydia and Sileo lite versions

A repo installer which supports almost all the third party iOS app stores including Taigone, Tweakmo, zJailbreak, Hexxa etc etc

iOS 14 Release Date

Apple has released iOS 14 public beta 1. The public version of iOS and iPad OS release will be on 18th September, 2020 . According to the history of iOS release, we can predict that the release will take place in the third week of September unless they change the plans due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Will my iPhone get iOS 14?

Support for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 depends on the released year of your device. In the same way Apple stopped iOS 13 for iPhone 6 devices running on Apple A8 Bionic Chip. Some Apple A9 Bionic Chip running devices like iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st Generation) and iPad (5th Generation), released in 2017 may not receive iOS 14 or iPad OS 14 update.

But rumors say that iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will support all the devices which support iOS 13. Look at the following table of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 supported devices.

iOS 13 supported devicesiPadOS 13 supported devices
iPhone XS12.9-inch iPad Pro
iPhone XS Max11-inch iPad Pro
iPhone XR10.5-inch iPad Pro
iPhone X9.7-inch iPad Pro
iPhone 8iPad (6th generation)
iPhone 8 PlusiPad (5th generation)
iPhone 7iPad mini (5th generation)
iPhone 7 PlusiPad mini 4
iPhone 6siPad Air (3rd generation)
iPhone 6s PlusiPad Air 2
iPhone SE
iPod touch (7th generation)

iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14 is the modified version of iOS 14 to retrofit iPad. iPadOS released only last year with iPadOS 13 and the new iPadOS 14 beta has come up with the following new features.

iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 Features

  • Apple added features to Widgets
    • Choose different sizes of Widgets
    • Move Widgets around the homescreen
    • including Smart Stack Widgets
  • Added The App Library
  • Added a new compact UI
  • Apple Map improvements
  • Siri improvements
  • Smart Home improvements
  • CarPlay improvements
  • Added new features to AirPods Pro

Read more about iOS 14 Features.