Latest Jailbreak News

Apple released iOS 14.2 beta 2 for the developers by introducing a music recognition toggle option Shazam to the control center.

Apple released iOS 14.0.1 to the public and now it is possible to jailbreak with checkra1n.

ZecOps tweeted that he teases security vulnerability for iOS 14. It is a new hope for iOS 14 jailbreak.

The official Odyssey jailbreak installer Wander updated to the latest version v1.2 with new express install mode and UI changes.

September 18, 2020

Apple released iOS 14.2 beta 1 soon after releasing iOS 14 with adding the Shazam music recognition feature in Control Center and introducing a people detection option.

September 17, 2020

iOS 14 has been released on Sep 16th with Home screen design changes, major new features, updates for existing apps, Siri improvements, and more other features.