A high potential news for jailbreak lovers has been hit the community by 08Tc3wBB. A Jailbreak exploit for iOS 13.6.1 has been teased by him on iPhone 11 Pro Max. This successful pwned was running on iOS 13.6.1 without using a traditional tfp0-style exploit as in Odyssey and unc0ver.

08Tc3wBB who is a famous security researcher has tweeted including a video, demonstrating the exploit. This exploit demoed a working SSH and uses custom built kernel read/write primatives as opposed to grabbing the kernel’s task port as a commonly-used tfp0 or task_for_pid(0) exploit would.

Checkm8 bootrom exploit developer @axi0mX retweeted the hacker’s recent invention. So the jailbreak enthusiasts can keep their trust on him.Also he was involved in the exploitation of iOS 13.3.1 beta 3.

08Tc3wBB further stated that he will release this when it’s appropriate. We all know that, releasing this jailbreak exploit for iOS 13.6.1 at this hour means the end of the jailbreak. This might be the next shiny toy for iOS 14 as of a jailbreak for iOS 14. He will release it when the time comes and let’s all get ready when it’s public. We will let you know the news as soon as the idea is out of the sack and hang on with Taig9.