iOS 13.7 is the latest version of the iOS 13 range. It might be the latest version of iOS 13 because iOS 14 release date is not so far.

As jailbreakers, we are talking about iOS 13.7 jailbreak. We already know iOS 13.7 jailbreak is possible with checkra1n.

But a few hours ago a hacker named @08Tc3wBB has tweeted “iOS 13.7 is ok. #JAILBREAK” via his official Twitter account.

That means he is trying to say a new exploit has success with iOS 13.7. Last month he reveal that a new jailbreak exploit has tested with iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS 13.6. That exploit was different than the traditional tfp0-style.
This time he comes up with a new jailbreak exploit for iOS 13.7.

This latest jailbreak exploit more likely to the famous unc0ver and odyssey jailbreak with software-based jailbreak. This is good news for jailbreakers because iOS 13.5 and below versions already jailbroken using unc0ver and odyssey with the latest devices even A12 and A13.

Checkra1n jailbreak supported iOS 13.7 jailbreak but checkra1n uses a hardware-based bootrom exploit. Checkra1n only supports iPhone 5 - iPhone 11 devices.

So we are waiting for a new jailbreak by @08Tc3wBB with supporting iOS 13.7 on the latest A12 and A13 devices.
Stay with us for new updates.