Apple's latest A14 bionic chipset is on iPhone 12 series manufactured by TSMC on the 5 nanometer process. It has included impressive computing and graphic improvements over Apple's previous bionical chips. Some news reports reveal that we can expect more great things from the upcoming A15 bionic next year. According to China Times, Apple will start mass production of the new A15 in the third quarter of next year. A15 chip will be included in the new iPhone 13 series along with iOS 15.

“Production of next generation A15 bionic series processor will start in the third quarter of next year” - China Times

China Times also reveals that the A15 bionic will be made using N5P node which is among the three variants of 5nm node. Apple’s research and development team also started the development of the new A15 series processor and iPhone 15 series expecting to use a 5nm enhanced version of N5P that will launch in next year.

We can expect Apple and TSMC will not delay the new iPhone 13 series in 2021. While Apple’s new A15 was being made, Samusng managed to set up an $850 million deal to mass produce the Snapdragon 875 and the X60 5G modems.Samsungs next product might be amazing for Android customers. And also TSMC will get a big opportunity to get all A15 Bionic chip orders in the market place because of the new Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 series.

According to the company, “Apple’s whole product lines have begun to enter the A14 series of bionic processors, and the development of the A15 series processors is in line with expectations. Next year, They will become TSMC’s largest 5nm customer. will also launch 5nm products next year, we are optimistic that TSMC will maintain its full capacity for 5nm production next year.’’