For the initial three ages of apple smartphones, Apple named its operating system as iPhone OS. At the point when the iPhone initially went ahead of the market, Apple had chosen to call the operating system "iPhone OS" rather than iOS. Then in June 2010, Apple confirmed changing the name from iPhone OS to iOS. As per the tweet from Jon Prosser, it currently seems as though Apple is returning to its foundations. For this situation, the upcoming iOS 14 would almost certainly be iPhone OS 14.

Will iPhone OS be different from iOS?

Recently we’ve seen Apple make moves to rebrand its working frameworks. Apple released iPadOS last year. macOS was known as OS X, and Apple had likewise later presented iPadOS,watchOS, and furthermore tvOS. Therefore it does not seem the organization has any drawbacks to not rename iOS to iPhone OS. We can't expect that the whole operating system will be entirely unexpected from the previous.

We hope to see the disclosure of Apple's latest iPadOS 14, macOS, and new WatchOS updates. Also, we'll have the blasting reveal of iOS 14, or iPhoneOS 14.

After all, the most exciting question is Would Apple rename its latest iPhone into Apple Phone?