Blizzard jailbreak, the newest public jailbreak tool support added for iOS 11 up to iOS 11.4.1 versions with its first beta. The famous iOS hacker, developer GeoSn0w(@FCE365) introduced this Blizzard jailbreak as an open-source jailbreak project and this is in its beta stages and available for developers. Also, he mentioned that the Blizzard jailbreak will be updated to all iOS 12 versions and iOS 13 up to iOS 13.5 with all devices support added including A12, A13 bionic chips running devices. So this will be a great opportunity for A12 and A13 device users.

GeoSn0w released Blizzard jailbreak with the Zebra package manager installed. But as he said it doesn’t mean that you cannot install whatever other package managers as you wish. So it’s going to be an amazing jailbreak tool to come in the near future.

Further, he announced that Blizzard jailbreak for iOS 13.5 - iOS 11 will integrate Unc0ver Team’s Substitute and Sam Bingner’s Elucubratus strap. With this update, tweak developers will get the feature for easy compatibility, support with less additional work. When the Blizzard jailbreak installation you will have an option to choose which bootstrap to install.

Moreover, for the jailbreak community, this will be a great chance for those who are willing to engage with more advanced iOS jailbreak developments. As Blizzard jailbreak released as an open-source jailbreak you will get the best if you are interested in how to iOS jailbreak, documentation, tools/ necessary scripts, and techniques used. Here is GeoSn0w’ s Github open jailbreak repository for Blizzard jailbreak

Mainly this is targeted to introduce a completely open-source jailbreak project with the flexible and finally fully-featured jailbreak tool with tweak support. Those who are interested in iOS jailbreak, you will learn how to develop your own jailbreak with this great customizable Blizzard jailbreak.