Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 14 (iOS 14 beta 6) for the developers with the following features. Even though the new features look small in numbers, it looks like Apple is making everything stable for the iOS 14 GM release.

New Features of iOS 14 Beta 6

  1. New Time Picker Design
  2. Spatial Audio Feature for Airpods Pro
  3. New Splash Screen for Apple Maps

New Time Picker Design

Apple used the old timepicker since iOS 10 and it has been changed now by adding an orange color box to the time picker UI. This is not the very first time that Apple adopted some of the Jailbreak Tweak UIs for its own operating system. But we can predict that the new picker design is also from the jailbreak community and you can have a look at the new time picker of iOS 14 beta 6.

This UI is found in the Alarm setting of iOS 14 beta 6. It is not confirmed that every time picker UI will look the same by default. As we know some of these types of minor UI changes introduced in betas were removed in Golden Master releases in iOS 12 and iOS 13 era.

Spatial Audio Feature for Airpods Pro

This feature is something very specific to Airpods Pro. If you do not have an airpods pro on your hand you may forget about this feature but for the airpods users, it is really good news. There is a new setting introduced under spatial audio where you can toggle between follow iPhone / follow Airpods. Once the “Follow iPhone” toggle is on, the airpod users will hear the sounds from the phone instead of the headphones. This is a real cool feature to have but it looks like it is not fully implemented yet.

New Splash Screen for Apple Maps

The next feature we identified in iOS 14 is the new splash screen for apple maps.
“Cycling Navigation” is now supported in Apple Maps for the cities like New York and Los Angeles. Also the speed camera and red-light support also added to the maps. Apple is trying to beat Google Maps and Waze as Google Maps and Waze are the most famous map solutions among iPhone users. Let’s hope that the Apple Maps will beat both in iOS 14.

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