Apple seeded iOS 14 beta 7 for developers and the developers with apple developer accounts can download the latest developer beta version. Those who do not have developer accounts may try the latest available public beta version of iOS 14.

As the iOS 14 is getting closer to its Golden master release, the bugs are getting resolved and new features are getting introduced. Let’s see what are the available new features in iOS 14 beta 7.

What is new in iOS 14 Beta 7?

There are few different features introduced in the latest beta,

  1. New Wallpapers for Dark Mode
  2. New Categories for App Library
  3. Airpods Banners

New Wallpapers for Dark Mode

As the dark mode is getting popular in iOS, Apple reconsiders everything and makes every possible move to make the dark mode experience smooth for the users. The latest addition to the dark mode is the rainbow wallpapers. Upto the iOS 14 beta 6 there were no differences in rainbow wallpapers in both dark and light modes but from iOS 14 beta 7 onwards, the darkmode makes the rainbow wallpaper really dark. Isn’t this cool?

New Categories for App Library

App Library, one of the new features of iOS 14 getting polished day by day. So in the latest beta, Apple supports the following categories to the app library feature.

  • Education
  • Arcade
  • Games
  • Social
  • Utilities
  • Information & Reading
  • Creativity
  • Other
  • Health & Fitness
  • Shopping & Food
  • Travel

We as the jailbreak lovers wonder, what is the category that Apple offers us for Cydia, Sileo or Zebra like jailbreak package managers and jailbreak apps like Unc0ver and Odyssey. It should be in the Utilities category unless Apple made special effort to categorize those as Pirated Softwares. If you are looking for Jailbreak Apps and Tools for iOS 14, please visit the iOS 14 Jailbreak iOS 14 Jailbreak page.

Airpods Banners

Airpods are getting popular among the iPhone users so the iOS 14 will be adding several features to make more airpods sales for sure. If you remember there was an enhancement for Airpods pro in iOS 14 beta 6 (Check What’s new in iOS 14 beta 6?)