Apple just released the second developer beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Apple released it after 2 weeks of the first developer beta release of iOS 14. Developers and testers now can install iOS 14 beta 2 for their devices.

What’ new on iOS 14 developer beta 2?

After releasing the latest version iOS 14 beta the next question is what are the features of iOS 14 beta 2? As more beta releases Apple has considered bug fixes and performance improvements.

Also, iOS 14 beta 2 bringing new features with it. Such as App Library, picture-in-picture, support for widgets on the home screen, and more. Apple will bring new more features with the public beta of iOS 14 or with the next developer beta.

How to download iOS 14 beta 2?

If you are a registered Apple developer or tester you can install iOS 14 beta easily.

Just launch the Settings app then got to General -> Software Update. Now it will show up the second beta of iOS 14. Now tap on Download and then Install. Enjoy iOS 14 beta 2.

Can I have iOS 14 beta 2 without a developer account?

Yes. More third-party apps and Softwares allow you to download iOS 14 developer beta 2 without a developer’s account.

TaigOne is one of the non jailbroken app stores and you can download iOS 14 beta 2 without a developer account via TaigOne.