iOS 14.2 Jailbreak demo on iPhone 12 Pro

Previous  days were exciting for members of the jailbreak community. Checkra1n updated to add support for A10(X) and latest iOS 14.1 and 14.2 versions. TheSandbox confirmed that a next jailbreak with support for iOS and iPadOS 13.5 - 13.7 versions would be released soon.  

But the latest Jailbreak news is Jailbreaking of the latest version of iphone 12 Pro on iOS 14.2 update. It is a work of Chinese security Liang Chen who works in the Singular Security Lab. The news was tweeted by POC, Zer0con and MOSE.

The security researcher Liang Chang launched the app on iPhone 12 with a generic jailbreak button. After tapping on that button it took about a minute to start and complete the jailbreak process.

Apple introduced security mitigation additionally with iOS and iPadOS 14 versions to prevent device tampering. This additional security block jailbreaks like Checkra1n. The Checkra1n team had to take over a one month to bypass the blockade but you can not get the same result on A10(X) devices and iPhone 8,8 plus and X series. But Liang Chen’s performances were successful in the high security environment which A14 bionic chip has given. This is not the first time he has reflected his extraordinary hacking skills.

Apple’s new security updates are not making the jailbreak process easier for developers and hackers . You have to be patient and wait, iPhone 12 jailbreak on iOS 14 probably will be available soon.  Stay with Taig9 for all iPhone 12 jailbreak news and iOS 14 Jailbreak news.