Checkra1n is a checkm8-based jailbreak tool, a bootROM hack that means it's unpatchable and affects chips from A5 to A11. Checkra1n and Unc0ver are the main and only jailbreak tools capable of jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 14 currently. Once your exploit is installed, then users will have the choice of  choosing  and installing a package manager. Sileo and Zebra are two of the most famous package managers you can use. Regardless of whether you use Checkra1n as it comes or use Odysseyra1n bootstrap from the Odyssey Team. There are now a couple of prominent Sileo and Zebra package manager updates available. Here we are going to talk about those latest updates and features.

Sileo and Zebra package managers get updates

The updates above are not for the pre-installed Cydia package manager, but rather for rival package managers that have gained a lot of momentum over the last few years. Of course, we are mentioning Zebra and the sileo. Zebra, a famous Cydia alternative that can be downloaded with the checkra1n native bootstrap. Also the Sileo, that Odysseyra1n bootstrap’s default package manager.

The Sileo Team has released version 2.0 of its Discord package manager, and has officially upgraded and supported iOS & iPadOS 14 via Twitter. And from now on Sileo is open source and you can find on their Github. With a variety of new changes and updates, such as

Crash fix that affects the Bold Text option in iOS compatibility settings, payment crash fixed, a updated BigBoss repository icon, fixed crash when quick moving in, theme mismatches, iPad color presentation color picker fixed, and out from a new tab, and a common repository icon that is not already used by Wii users.

Although Sileo has always been available via Odysseyra1n on iOS & iPadOS 14. Sileo is the first version of the package manager developed for the iOS 14 SDK. So Sileo is supposed to be both more performant and more secure.

Zebra Latest version 1.1.14
The Zebra Package Manager has already received a parallel upgrade to version 1.1.14. Also Zebra Package Manager enhanced iOS 14 support by fixing a related crash with the Bold Text usability functionality of iOS. Zebra has already worked on iOS & iPadOS 14 as well. But also there are some minor bugs and are now patched in the new update.

No matter which package manager you are using and reasons. The updates are available and can be downloaded using their dedicated repositories. To upgrade, just open the package manager you are using and refresh its sources.