Annually Apple reveals a significant update to the iOS system that suddenly spikes in demand for all iPhones. Worldwide iOS gadgets get many new features, settings, solutions for security breaches, and user-friendly interface changes. The following update is iOS 14, and it was officially released last night. Here we present all the latest updates about iOS 14.

App Library

The iPhone home screen appears to be exceptionally unique under the latest iOS 14. Now scrolling right will let you access your App Library and now you can hide applications you don't use frequently. Now it's more like the Android application drawer. Yet rather than messy icons in vertical scroll flow, iOS applications are assembled into different categories such as Social, health, and Entertainment. The most important categories are Recent Apps and Suggested. It would appear like a collection of folders on the App Library page. But with one specific difference. The sizes of the icons are different. The applications you've used recently or more regularly are bigger than other application icons.


With this latest iOS 14, you can drag widgets out and into the default home screen and with substitute sizes for them. Simply drag and drop widgets to any place you need it to fit on the home screen. This permits you to tweak how your homepage looks. Also, they introduced another new widget named Smart Stacks.

Siri and Translator

This time Apple is going with a minimal structure for Siri. Rather than using a different Siri screen, now Siri is a little air bubble at the bottom of the screen. Updated Siri can reach a large area of resources over the web before answering a question. What's more, presently Siri will help you to send audio messages as a reply message. Another most important thing is the Translate application in iOS 14. This app will let users translate a whole conversation directly on the same screen of your iPhone.

Messages and conversations

After a long wait, the Message app is getting some additional useful options with iOS 14. iOS 14 Messages give users to pin a message thread to the top of the app. These threads will show up as large circles, not the same as other threads. In group messages now you have a mention option with “@”. Also now you can decide when to be notified, such as just when somebody mentions you on a message. In iOS 14 also, there are new Memoji to look over, over 20 new hairstyles and head dressing designs, age Memojis, and face covers. Fistbump, hug, and blush are few newly added Memojis.


The upgraded Apple Maps that Apple presented a year ago will be coming to three new countries this time. i.e. the UK, Ireland, and Canada. In iOS 14, you'll have the option to get cycling routes and best directions. This will make you aware of bicycle paths and tracks. Most importantly if you have an electric vehicle, Latest Apple Maps will guide you to an EV direction, and that tracks the current charge of your vehicle. Also will guide to the charging stations on your selected route.

CarPlay and CarKeys

If your vehicle has Apple's CarPlay system, you will be able to have a smart key option soon. With this apple carkey smart option, all you have to do is just a simple touch on the iOS device. You can lock, unlock, start, or anything with this carkey option if your car supports NFC. Apple said that this smart carkey option is more trusted than the physical car key. Also if a user loses their iPhone, carkeys can shut down remotely by iCloud. Share keys, restrict drivers, limit acceleration, and set speed limits are a few more options you can experience.

Apps Store

The latest update related to the app store is another sort of smaller application than other apps named as an App Clip. Apple needs to make it simple for you to discover and utilize new applications dependent on your frequent activities, and your location, or county. This comes as App Clips. Organizations can integrate App Clips dependent on their current applications for use in some circumstances.


The camera would now be able to shoot photographs up to 90 percent quicker. iOS 14 will additionally have the option to snap multiple shots one after another quicker than any in recent. Apple's most recent camera handling redesigns, similar to Smart HDR. The night mode also updated. Now night mood will give directions to ensure that you stay focused and steady on the shot.


The well-improved Health application will let you include how much sleep you need to have each night. Also, you can schedule things like meditation sounds or music. App turns on Do Not Disturb mood automatically when needed. Also supported with alarm, screen settings, and other related data.

When users can enjoy iOS 14?

So these are the few most eye-catching and interesting updates with the iOS 14. Also as we guess the original update will be released in September 2020.