Wander is the official Odyssey jailbreak installer designed by developer BurritoSoftware. Now Wander updated to the latest version 1.2 with adding new features.

BurritoSoftware has announced this news via his official Twitter account.

What’s New on Wander 1.2

The latest version of Wander 1.2 adds a new express install mode suggest by @Joshblah555. You can install, reinstall or update Odyssey using this Express Mode. You can do this all three times faster than before.

And also by using Wader 1.2, you can update Odyssey over a cellular network. So this is the biggest advantage and you don’t want to connect to the Wifi to update Odyssey.

The next biggest change of Wander 1.2 is UI improvements. It makes more user experience.

How to Install Wander 1.2

You can install the latest version of Wander 1.2 by using RoutineHub website. RoutineHub is the Wander project’s official website.

Wander supports installing Odyssey via AlStore, ReProvision and Jailbreaks.app methods.