You can experience a wide range of features and updates of existing features from Apple’s new iOS 14.3 beta. Apple has to re-release iOS 14.3 update after finding server issues. New update includes features like ProRAW and new home app features and tools.

iOS 14.3 Beta New Features


ProRAW is one of the notable features of the new iOS 14.3 update. This revolution of photo format brings you Apple’s all computational photography efforts and adjusting details of shooting  in row. Also you can show more details of shadows and highlights of images.

New update available on iPhone 12 Pro versions. You can enable the option when iOS 14.3 is available on your device. To enable ProRAW go to Settings> Camera> Formats. Then you can see a new toggle for ProRAW.

After you’ve enabled ProRAW settings on your device you could see a new row toggle on the right top on your app. You can capture your photo with or without ProRAW by tapping the toggle.

ProRAW uses linear DNG and retains more information of image like color, details and dynamic range. Each file's size of Raw format is approximately 25MB.

Find My app and Air tags

In this latest iOS update includes a hidden section in the Find my app. This ‘Hawkeye’ section is for upcoming air tags and third party tracking devices which will launch as expected in early 2021.

Steve Moser shared a video of a new pairing interface for new tracking devices to be tracked by the app. This is Apple’s Promised feature with iOS 14.

Homekit Accessory Updates

The iOS 14 version brings you a giant number of new modifications for Homekit accessories. If Homekit accessories alerts you updates it directs you to go to the manufacturer app to get updates. But the new iOS 14 version introduces a new alert to update all accessories at once as similar as to  HomePod updates.

There are some more other features coming with the iOS 14 version. App clips are small snippets of an app that let iPhone users to interact with an app without downloading it completely. Simply  Users can checkout information of relevant apps and purchase it.  

In early updates, if you scanned app code with your camera nothing would happen, but now your device will recognize the code and launch the app on your device.

Users can use new default search engine options like Ecosia which is eco friendly and join with Apple’s new environmental mission of plant trees.

Apple added a new category for Cardio Fitness notification in Health App which can be triggered from iWatchOS 7.2.

Now,Apple store displaying a new welcome screen to users with App Store privacy policy. And also it  brings more features and tools as promised.