Sileo package manager was released for those who are jailbroken on iOS 11 and up versions including the latest iOS 13 versions running devices and for as a solution to Cydia package manager. The lead developer CoolStar and Sileo team announced that Sileo package manager v1.8.4 beta 1 was released to all Electra, Chimera(1n), and Odysseyra1n users.

Features of Sileo 1.8.4 beta

The Sileo team launched this updated beta version of the Sileo package manager with a focus on improvements in speed. Mainly in Get button, now it works 7 - 15x times faster than previous releases. This is a hope coming true in Sileo package manager users who were complaining about Get button issue. This update released with a couple of dependency calculations.

  • Number of repositories added
  • Number of packages installed

This latest improvement of Sileo announced via its official Twitter account. Here is the Sileo's tweet about latest release.

Also, they open a Discord channel named Sileo/ Chimera for free to join and you can give feedback on there.

Latest announcements for Sileo

CoolStar(starplayer132) also mentioned in another message if someone still using Sileo alpha, they don’ t need to use it anymore. Furthermore, he said that

"Sileo 1.8.4 beta 1 now runs faster than 2.0.0 alpha"

This is not the first time the Sileo team works on improvements on speed. At the latest, they released Sileo v1.8 with speed improvement updates. It includes,

  • Loads and refreshes sources 4x faster than 1.7
  • Full BigBoss is now available by default in Sileo

    Now you can install Sileo newest package manager from Checkra1n jailbreak and also you can install Cydia alongside Sileo.