Checkra1n is a semi-untethered bootrom based jailbreak process for iDevices. It does not depend on iOS versions. The Axiomi’s bootrom exploit runs when the device is on the booting stage. Checkra1n should work with any iOS version and could be jailbroken.

The latest Checkra1n jailbreak 0.10.2 beta update with adding support for iOS 13.5.1 Still, Checkra1n tool did not update for iOS 13.5.5 or iOS 13.6 beta 2. For this latest iOS 14/ iPadOS 14 also in the same stage. But most of the jailbreak testers show up with their jailbroken iPhones, iPads that running on iOS 14 beta.

Latest iOS 14 Jailbreak Approaches

Here we got the great news iOS 14 beta successfully jailbroken with Checkra1n and perfectly running Cydia package manager.

Previously Dany Lisiansky, the developer from Checkra1n team teased a screenshot of successfully working Checkra1n jailbreak on an iPhone. At that time he aimed with still there was more work to do with Checkra1n support for iOS 14. Now we have a progress with talented Checkra1n dev team.

Sam Bingner(@sbinger), the co-developer from Checkra1n team teased a screenshot of Cydia package manager running on an iOS 14 running iPhone. And with that he said that was a little more progress of what we are looking for.
Here is Sam Bingner(@sbinger)'s tweet.

@ZeeshanAhmed223, demoed a video of Cydia runnig on an iPhone with iOS 14 beta running. That was an amazing step of upcoming jailbreak for iOS 14.
Here is @ZeeshanAhmed223's tweet.

@DanyL931, a developer from Checkra1n jailbreak team posted a tweet with his successful jailbroken device. As he said @s1guza, @sbingner, @littlelailo, and more from Checkra1n jailbreak team still behind this approach, and also they are still working on it.
Here is @DanyL931's tweet.

With this latest approach by Checkra1n dev team will be released an update for iOS 14 jailbreak as soon as public beta releases. We can assume it with this result and now we have a hope for a new era.

Let’s have a close look up for other testers’ approaches.

@appletech752, posted a video that he tried but Checkra1n 0.10.2 is broken on iOS 14. Also, he said that he tried on an iPhone 6s, 7, and 6s Plus. But after booting it gone all blacked. He mentioned for the other devices could be jailbroken with Checkra1n.
Here is @appletech752's tweet.

@__t0mi__, a jailbreak tester said that his tries were getting an error said “USBMUX Error (Error Code -79)” He said this as a replied message to @iMAT_IOS.
Here is @__t0mi__'s tweet.

And the other reply for @iMAT_IOS looks like it also all blacked after the boot. It looks like the code glitched.