It’s been one week of release iOS 14 to the public. But there is no exciting news related to iOS 14 and iPadOS jailbreak.
By making a little hope of jailbreak checkra1n team released a new version of checkra1n with supporting iOS 14. But unfortunately, it only supports A9(X), A9, and below devices. That means you can jailbreak your iOS 14 with iPhone 6S and older devices only. But we can expect the checkra1n team will release another version with supporting A10 and A11.

But what happens to A12, A13 and A14 jailbreak for iOS 14? This is a big question. All new device users are waiting for a jailbreak iOS 14 for their newest devices.

While talking about this topic we heard about good news about iOS 14 jailbreak and iPadOS 14 jailbreak.

A few hours ago developer @ZecOps tweeted that he teases security vulnerability for iOS 14.

Here is his official tweet.

We tested the Kernel LPE that we'll release publicly after it will be patched on iOS 14.

The results? Our mobile DFIR solution detected the LPE in ALL cases without a specific signature!

Special thanks to everyone involved

This is good news for iOS 14 users. They can hope a jailbreak tool for iOS 14 with supporting their latest iPhone devices. Those who are upgrading to iOS 14 can not downgrade to iOS 13.7 as Apple stops signing iOS 13.7.

So they have no option and have to wait till a jailbreak tool release for iOS 14.