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Last Updated: 2020-03-04

Zebra is a Package Manager for jailbroken iOS devices. It is built to support iOS 9 up to iOS 13 and for iPhones and iPads alike.


Zebra is fully open-source and has been forged with speed. So this has become more efficient. Moreover, Zebra allows you to customize their app with dark mode and custom app management

But what to keep in mind is that Zebra is still not yet a default Package Manager as Sileo or Cydia. It is said that the Checkra1n team will add Zebra into their checkra1n installer. But still there is no practical clue for this.

The latest version of Zebra

The latest version of zebra 1.0.7 has been released. Here are the other changes of this new version according to the Zebra's official GitHub.

  • This release fixes an issue when attempting to sort repos with invalid names into alphabetical order.

How to install Zebra

You may download Zebra from either Sileo or GitHub. All you have to do is Jailbreak your device.

You may jailbreak the device from any method mentioned here.

Or if you need any other jailbreak tool you may find it here.

Now let’s see how to install Zebra from Sileo

After the jailbreak process you may install either Sileo as the Package Manager.
In Sileo, You will find Zebra listed down. Select it and install it.


That’s it. Zebra's latest package manager is yours now.

How to install Zebra from gitHub

Visit GitHub and install the Zebra Repo from there.

Or else you may add this repo to any package manager in your device.

There is another method of installing Zebra which is a little bit more complicated than these previous methods.

Using Xcode & theos

If you want to compile Zebra yourself, you can use the following steps. A computer running macOS is required and must have Xcode installed

  1. Clone this repository using git clone --recursive https://github.com/wstyres/Zebra.git
  2. cd into the Zebra folder
  3. (One time only) Install xcpretty if you haven't already via sudo gem install xcpretty
  4. run make do
    1. If you don't have theos already installed on your computer, follow these steps
  5. Done!

But if you feel doing a jailbreak just for Zebra is too much or you want a test run first, then you are in the correct place to look for. There is a Zebra demo version which you can feel the experience of Zebra without jailbreaking your device. This is a lightweight Zebra And what you need to keep in mind is this doesn’t fully functional like Zebra V1.0.7.

How to install Zebra Demo for non jailbroken devices

Zebra Demo is a lightweight version of Zebra package manager. You can experience Zebra without jailbreaking your device. Zebra Demo is supported iOS 9 and later versions. This demo version is available in TaigOne and you can install it free of charge.
Here is the step by step guide of installing Zebra demo app.

  1. First Install TaigOne app.
  2. Open TaigOne App.
  3. Find Zebra on Jailbreak Tab and tap on it.
  4. Tap Install button in upper right corner.
  5. Enjoy Zebra !!

Zebra Alternatives

There are 3 Zebra alternatives you may with your jailbroken device.

  1. Cydia
  2. Sileo
  3. Installer 5



Cydia is the most installed package manager throughout the jailbreak history. This was created by Saurik (Jay Freeman) and was released as an open source alternative to installer. app for iOS 1.1.

Now Cydia has become a must-in for jailbreak devices. But Saurik has made a pause in development for Cydia and Cydia updates are in a hold.

Read more about Cydia



Sileo is the replacement that happened for the pause of the Cydia updates. This is a product by a collaboration of CoolStar and Electra team. Sileo is now in V1.5.1 and is faster than the previous one.

For those who want to taste a bit of Sileo before owning it, you can do it with the Sileo Demo app. This lightweight version gives the experience of Sileo. But please note that this demo app is not fully functional. And also this demo app does not need jailbreak to function. So anyone can test Sileo with this lightweight version.

You can download this Sileo lightweight version now in TaigOne.

For more information please visit the Sileo page.

Installer 5


Installer 5 is a Cydia alternative and can be found inside of the Cydia repository. This is mainly for iOS 9 to iOS 13.

Installer.app can also display the number of packages in the repository list of installed files for a package, search through a large database of repositories, follow a developer, and even restore your repositories and queue the installed packages from your backup with one tap.

FAQ on Zebra

  • Is Zebra Available only for Jailbroken Devices?
    Zebra full functional version is available only for jailbroken devices. But Zebra demo version can be installed in iOS version and in any device.
  • Can I run Cydia and Zebra together?
    Yes you can. Both apps can run simultaneously.
  • How to Install Zebra for Free?
    First you have to jailbreak the iPhone with a suitable jailbreak tool. All the methods are available here.
  • What is Zebra Demo? Zebra demo is a lightweight version of Zebra original app. This is not fully functional as the original app. Also this demo version does not need jailbreak.
  • What is the latest version of Zebra Package Manager?
    At the moment, the latest version is V1.0.7. This can be changed with time.
  • Who is the developer of Zebra?
    Developer @xTM3x aka Wilson is the developer of Zebra.

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