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Sileo is a Cydia Alternative for iOS 11 and iOS 12.
Some of may think why do we need Sileo when there is Cydia. Well , the answer for that is Cydia has been replaced by Sileo. Is there any more reasons for why Sileo has been introduced?

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Sileo Latest News

Sileo latest verison released

Sileo latest version 1.1.5 is now available on the Electra and Chimera repos. This time, the native depiction & featured tab renderers have been rewritten in Swift Language.
This will give more reliable and faster Sileo App.
Here is the tweet from Sileo team.

Sileo Latest News

Sileo 1.1.2 Released

Sileo latest version 1.1.2 has been released. With this version update, Sileo team has added some new features. This time they have used Swift 5.
Here are some features of the latest update.

  • Used moving component with Swift 5.
  • Faster repo refresh and app launch
  • Fixes mis-labeled repos

Sileo 1.1.0 Released

The latest version of Sileo v1.1.0 has been released. Sileo team has announced about this version update via twitter.
Let's look into the new features of the latest update.

  • Fix sources deletion issue
  • Adds support for jailbreaks that do not use the Electra/Chimera repo for base utilities (Note: APT 1.8 is still required)
  • Remove unused code to optimize Sileo

Sileo 1.0.6 Released

Sileo version 1.0.6 has been released for Electra and Chimera jailbreaks. This version consist of following features.

  • Adds support for Packix's native depictions
  • Fix payment providers not showing up reliably
  • Fix some versions not showing in downgrade selector
  • Adds German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Thai locales
Further you can report bugs of Sileo from link. Report your Sileo bugs here
You can have Chimera and Electra Jailbreak now from TaigOne. Both online and PC methods are available.

Check here for Chimera Jailbreak and Electra Jailbreak.

Sileo beta update adds new features

Sileo new features

Sileo latest version 0.7b2 has introduces some new features plus has fixes some bugs. This update adds full support for 3D Touch gestures via the Home screen and in the app, enabling you to access shortcuts with the ability ti have a peek-and-pop in the app itself.
They have fixed a problem that could cause the Sileo app to crash when “certain corrupted packages were installed,”. Additionally, Respring button now works fine. th0r jailbreak and Electra jailbreak are now playing as a platform for Sileo. Electra has made Sileo as one of the default package managers. So people can choose either Sileo or Cydia.

Sileo allows BigBoss repository to display one ad

After some heated situation, Sileo team has finally decided to allow BigBoss to serve one ad to its users. This will display on each jailbreak tweak depiction page in the next beta preview.
The BigBoss repository is the last of the many repositories in business. ModMyi and ZodTTD archived their jailbreak tweak catalogs more than a year ago due to cash flow problems. Even Saurik also decided to close the Cydia Store, disabling jailbreak tweak purchases from the BigBoss repository in the process.

BigBoss repository to display one ad

Actually why Sileo has been introduced?

Cydia is more than 15 years old and Saurik is the key star. But from some time, Saurik is being silent and new jailbreak developers don't have time to wait till Saurik update Cydia to the latest version.
As a result of that, they have created their own version of Cydia naming Sileo. Sileo is much faster than Cydia and all credits goes to Electra Jailbreak Team plus more for creating this awesome bundle.

Sileo will be compatible for iOS 11 onwards but not for the versions below iOS 11. For those versions which are below iOS 11 can use Cydia without no question. Further digging, Sileo will not be compatible for 32-bit devices.
But it is said that Sileo will work with previous Cydia repositories and packages and that is a vital implementation detail for those jailbreaking.



Has Sileo released yet?

Yes. A public version of Sileo has been released recently. You can install Taigone from below button and get the experience of a light weight Sileo (with limitations as Sileo full version needs a Jailbreak. This light weight Sileo does not require jailbreak.) before doing the jailbreak.

Install TaigOne

Release Date of Sileo

The date has been arrived with the release of Chimera Jailbreak by Electra. Now you can have Sileo from Electra or Chimera jailbreaks. These jailbreak tools are now available in TaigOne.
Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy Sileo light version.

sileo demo app Home page
sileo demo app Sources
sileo demo app user tab
sileo demo Anemone

Latest Jailbreak News

iOS 12 jailbreak tools have arrived

There have been a release of iOS 12 jailbreak tools. Some of these tools are yet for develoeprs only but soon it is expected to have public versions of these. The tools are,
1. Chimera Jailbreak by Electra
2. Unc0ver Jailbreak by pwn20wnd
3. RootlessJB by Jake James
4. OsirisJailbreak12 by Geosn0w

iOS 13 Beta 3 has been released

The third beta of iOS 13 has been released. This is not a public release but only for developers and testers.
iOS 13 beta 3 is now available via TaigOne Beta Installer.
Don't worry if you don't have an Apple developer account. Just install TaigOne Beta Installer and feel the wonder of iOS 13.

Apple releases iOS 12.4 beta 5

Apple frequently releases beta versions of iOS 12.4. But that versions support only for developers and testers. The latest beta version of iOS 12.4 beta 5 is now available on TaigOne Beta Installer.

iOS 12.3.2 has been released

iOS 12.3.2 has been released with some bug fixes.This is some special release, that support only for iPhone 8 Plus devices. Read iOS 12.3 Jailbreak for more details.

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