Last Updated: 07th November 2018

Sileo is a Cydia Alternative for iOS 11 and up.
Some of may think why do we need Sileo when there is Cydia. Well , the answer for that is Cydia has been replaced by Sileo. Is there any more reasons for why Sileo has been introduced?

Sileo Logo

Here are the answers.
Cydia is more than 15 years old and Saurik is the key star. But from some time, Saurik is being silent and new jailbreak developers don't have time to wait till Saurik update Cydia to the latest version.
As a result of that, they have created their own version of Cydia naming Sileo. Sileo is much faster than Cydia and all credits goes to Electra Jailbreak Team plus more for creating this awesome bundle.

Sileo will be compatible for iOS 11 onwards but not for the versions below iOS 11. For those versions which are below iOS 11 can use Cydia without no question. Further digging, Sileo will not be compatible for 32-bit devices.
But it is said that Sileo will work with previous Cydia repositories and packages and that is a vital implementation detail for those jailbreaking.

Has Sileo released yet?

No. Sileo has not been released yet. But there is a Sileo Demo available in TaigOne. You can install Taigone from below button and get the experience of Sileo Demo.

Install TaigOne

Release Date of Sileo

A conformed date has not yet being announced by the developers but we can predict that where the new Electra released, Sileo will be there for sure.
Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy Sileo Demo version.

sileo demo app Home page
sileo demo app Sources

sileo demo app user tab
sileo demo Anemone