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Last Updated: 2019-06-20

TaigOne is a jailbreak solution pack that offers jailbreak community a variety of solutions. This includes jailbreak tools, Jailbroken apps, TweakMo, iOS downgrade app, TaigOne Tikiri, as well as TaigOne Themes. It allows users to exploit most famous jailbreak apps.

Taigone jailbreak tool finder

Install TaigOne

Please select your iOS version's page from our menu and click on the install button you may find there.
Eg:  If your version is iOS 12.1 then visit https://taig9.com/12.1/
       If your version is iOS 12.2 then visit https://taig9.com/12.2/
       If your version is iOS 12.3 - iOS 12.3.2 then visit https://taig9.com/12.3/

Wondering How TaigOne works? See for yourself.

TaigOne Offerings

Jailbreak Tool Finder

Taigone jailbreak tool finder

It identifies your iOS version automatically and suggests the most suitable jailbreak tool available for the existing iOS version of your iDevice. This avoids user being frustrated with the information search on the internet and burning hours to find the jailbreak tool so as to have the iOS device jailbroken. If there’s no jailbreak tool released for a particular iOS version yet, TaigOne takes the responsibility and suggests the best Cydia alternatives that can be used on the iDevice.

TaigOne Beta Installer

Taigone beta installer

Now you can get the latest iOS beta version without Apple Developer Account. Just install Taigone Beta Installer from TaigOne and install the latest iOS beta versions.

Taig Dedao

jailbreak alternatives -Taig Dedao

Taig Dedao is a jailbreak alternative for iOS 12.3 - iOS 12.3.1. You can free install your favorite jailbreak apps, hacked games and tweaked apps from Taig Dedao.

TaigOne iOS Downgrader

jailbreak alternatives -TaigOne iOS Downgrader

Now you can downgrade iOS from TaigOne iOS Downgrader. Whether you saved the SHSH2 blob or not downgrade iOS with iPSW file.


jailbreak alternatives -Tiqu

Do you want those amazing jailbreak tweaks? But worrying that you cannot have them without repos like BigBoss? Well, now you can install jailbreak Tweaks without BigBoss. Just install Tiqu.


jailbreak alternatives -Moicons

Moicons is an icon customizer and icon name changing app for iOS 12, iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 12.1. Customize your iPhone with Moicons without jailbreaking. Get it Free from TaigOne.

Taigone Themes

jailbreak alternatives -Taigone themes

Customize your iDevice with TaigOne Themes Store. No need to jailbreak. You can get your favourite theme icons and wallpapers from TaigOne Theme Store.


jailbreak alternatives -Jian

Boring with the same keyboard with your iPhone? Don't worry. Now you can customize your keyboard with your favorite images now with Jian Keyboard.


jailbreak alternatives - Ying

Ying is a social media duplicate and tweaked App Installer for iOS 12.1 and up. Now you can get Ying 100% free from TaigOne.


jailbreak alternatives - Pong

Pong is a hacked game app store with 100+ hacked games. Now you can get pong via TaigOne for 100% free.

Yiti Pro

jailbreak alternatives -Yiti Pro

Yiti Pro is a paid app store. You can get Yiti Pro from TaigOne for lower price.


jailbreak alternatives - InCar

InCar is a CarPlay alternative. You can experience both CarPlay and Android auto UI with your device. No jailbreak needed.



TweakMo is a Cydia alternative which gives iOS users a huge range of jailbroken apps, themes and extensions. No need to jalbreak your device. This is compatible with all the iOS devices and is offered for the ones who have claimed for membership.


TaigOne Tikiri

TaigOne Tikiri is an online app store which offers you bulk of iOS paid apps for just few dollars. This offers some paid apps for FREE also. You can check Tikiri by visiting TaigOne app.

Complete guide of Installing TaigOne (Using the mobile)

Installation of TaigOne is really easy as it offers one click method. You may refer the steps mentioned below on how to install TaigOne.

Visit https://taig9.com/taigone/

  1. Use Safari browser
  2. Make sure that your iOS version and the page name
  • You must visit the relevant page for the installation link.
  • Eg: For iOS 12.1 - 12.1.2 Jailbreak - https://taig9.com/12.1/
  • For iOS 12 Jailbreak - https://taig9.com/12/
  • (Please find these links in our menu under Jailbreak tab)

visit taig

  • You will find the Installation button in this page as shown in the image.
  • Click on the "Install TaigOne" button.

Click Install TaigOne

  • This step will guide you to the verification confrimation.
  • Tap on Allow when prompted as shown in the figure.

verification confirmation

  • Click on Install as shown rounded in the figure.
  • After this step you will be asked to enter your device's security code.
  • Enter it and then you will be directed to the step 5.

Installation Process

  • Congratulations!!
  • Now you have TaigOne in your device.
  • Enjoy TaigOne with TaigOne installer , TaigOne Downgrader and many more.

TaigOne has been installed

TaigOne Packages

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TaigOne Jailbreak Finder

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