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Last Updated: 6th April 2018

It's been a hassle and a disappointment to iOS users whom who want to downgrade their updated iOS version to a lowest one they prefer. Understanding this faulty, We, Taigone team is introducing TaigOne Downgrader. It’s easy and accurate and also is on the peek of gaining popularity.

Install TaigOne

What is Taigone Downgrader?

Taigone Downgrader is a tool which allows you to downgrade your iOS version. In order to downgrade your iOS version, you must install Taigone Downgrader App from Taigone. When you save SHSH2 blobs according to your current iOS version, (during the signing period) you can downgrade to particular iOS version later (after the signing period)

How to install Taigone Downgrader

Taigone Downgrader is the hottest member of Taigone Triplet. First you have to download Taigone App from the button above and save SHSH2 blobs during the signing period of your iOS version. For more details about iOS signing please read below.
Here is a video guide for installing Taigone Downgrader using Taigone.

Let’s see how to install Taigone Downgrader and Save SHSH2 Blobs (Step Guide)

visit TaigOne Downgrader page

1st Step

Install Taigone App, The ultimate jailbreak solution pack using the button as shown in the image.

Click Install TaigOne

2nd Step

Launch Taigone App and Install Taigone Downgrader

3rd Step

After Installing Taigone Downgrader, you can save your SHSH2 blobs.

Before saving SHSH2 blobs, make sure following prerequisites are satisfied.

  1. Make sure you have your iPhone with you
  2. Find the original USB cable of your device
  3. Find the ECID(known as Electronic Chip ID) of your device (See how to find ECID)
  4. The device model number of your device (For Example : If your device is iPhone 8 Plus, the model number can be either iPhone10,2 or iPhone 10,5)

Step 4 Image

4th Step

Launch Taigone Downgrader, Paste your ECID and select your device model from the dropdown. Click on I am not robot and complete the captcha. Then submit your details.

Step 5 Image

5th Step

Once submitted your SHSH2 blobs will be saved and you will find out a link to download the blobs. Then Download the blobs to your device or save the blobs to your dropbox.

Let’s see how to use a saved SHSH2 blob to downgrade your iOS version.

How to downgrade iOS version using Taigone Downgrader?

Now we have saved SHSH2 blobs using Taigone downgrader. Let’s say you were in iOS 11.2.5 and saved the blobs using Taigone downgrader. And you have updated your iOS version to latest iOS 11.3 (At the moment of writing this article)
Apple is no longer signing iOS 11.2.5 and the only way to downgrade is Taigone Downgrader. Taigone downgrader finds your SHS2 blob for iOS 11.2.5 and makes iOS downgrading possible.

How to find ECID of iPhone?

Via iTunes

  • Connect your iDevice to your computer.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Navigate to the "Summary" tab for your device.
  • At the top of the panel, click twice on the line that says "Serial Number".
  • Your ECID is displayed in hexadecimal.

On-device (Jailbreak Required)

The UDID Calculator application from Cydia displays (among other things) the ECID of your device (shown in decimal).

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