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Last Updated: 15th October 2018

TaigOne brings a new level to the old fashined icons in your Home Screen with it's gleaming TaigOne Themes. No need to stuck in your boaring, old fashioned Home Screen anymore. Try TaigOne Themes for free and experience a new craze of icons. Download TaigOne and your new crazyness is one click away.

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Below shown are some screen shots from our themes. Have a look and feel for yourself the glory of our TaigOne themes.

how to install iPhone Themes

Wondering how to install TaigOne Themes? Here is the step by step guide.

visit taig

1st Step

select TG themes app from the menu as shown in the image.
(To Install TG themes you have to install TaigOne first. Just visit taigone page for detailed guide of TaigOne Installation)

Click Install TaigOne

2nd Step

Select the theme you want to install.

For Eg: if we want 3D theme then, tap on "More 3D Themes" as shown in the image.

Then you will be redirected to the 3D theme store where you will find several themes. Select a theme from that and tap on "Download".

Step 3 Image

3rd Step

This step will guide you to the verification confrimation.

Tap on Allow when prompted as shown in the figure.

Step 4 Image

4th Step

Click on Install as shown rounded in the figure.

After this step you will be asked to enter your device's security code.
Enter it and then you will be directed to the step 5.

Step 5 Image

5th Step

Tap on install and then tap on done

Step 5 Image

6th Step

Now you have TaigOne themes in your device.

Enjoy TaigOne themes with TaigOne installer , TaigOne Downgrader and many more.

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TaigOne Images

TaigOne presents not only themes, but also images which suits best with the theme you desire. Select images from our TG theme store and enter in to a trance.

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