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Last Updated: 2019-01-03

We all love iOS apps even though they are paid ones and kind of expensive. It is like we will do anything to get those amazing iOS paid apps for FREE. So how about a full app store to get those paid apps for iOS free of charge? That would be buffet and heaven to any of us. It is more interesting when it comes to ios paid apps for free without jailbreak. Tikiri by TaigOne has made this dream come true.

What is Tikiri by Taigone

Tikiri by TaigOne is the best app to download iOS paid apps for FREE in today’s market. Tikiri is an app store filled with iOs paid apps and you can get them all for free. Just pay a little once and get all iOS paid apps for free.
Read more about best app to download iOS paid apps for free Download ios paid apps for free without jailbreak.
Click the below button to install Tikiri.

Install Tikiri

App store paid apps

10 years back with the come out of App store , a dedicated marketplace for iPhone apps has begun. Since then, Apple has paid over $100 billion to app developers and all these comes from direct app purchases. In-app purchases and subscriptions also made much from that revenue. Below are few examples for which apps were popular enough to be top paid app for the longest periods of time.

  1. Minecraft - Minecraft spent 847 days on top of the paid iPhone apps chart. It costs $6.99.

  2. Minecraft

  3. Heads Up - Heads Up!, a party game, spent 225 days on top of the U.S. App Store paid charts. It costs $1.

  4. Heads Up

So all these apps costs dollars. But we, TaigOne has come up with the solution for this app craving of yours. Tikiri by TaigOne. As we mentioned before this is the best app to install iOS paid apps for FREE.

How to get paid ios apps for free no-jailbreak no-computer

Tikiri is the ultimate freedom for those who seek for freedom in app store. Tikiri does not require jailbreak and anyone can freely install Tikiri and can be an owner of paid apps for free.
This is the step by step guide of installing TIkiri and how to get paid iOS apps for free.Here we go.


  • You will be directed to Taig9 iOS 12 jailbreak page or Tikiri page after the 1st step.
  • You will find the Installation button in either of these pages as shown in the image.
  • Click on the "Install Tikiri" button.

click install tikiri

  • This step will guide you to the verification confirmation.
  • Tap on Allow when prompted as shown in the figure.

tap allow

  • Click on Install as shown rounded in the figure.
  • After this step you will be asked to enter your device's security code.
  • Enter the passcode and tap on install -->Done.

tap install

  • Congratulations!!
  • Now you have Tikiri in your device.
  • Enjoy Tikiri with tons of paid apps for free.

enjoy tikiri

How to get paid ios apps for free no-jailbreak -Computer method

Since Tikiri is the new freedom for paid apps this is not limited to no-computer method. Tikiri an be used with computer and here is the guide of How to install iOS paid apps for free - computer method.

Note: You have to use Cydia impactor in order to install the app to your idevice.

Step 1 - Visit and you will find the web site of Tikiri here.

Step 2 - Select any app from the categories here. Click on the “Download” button.
The ipa for the selected file will be downloaded from this step.

download tikiri apps
tikiri download process

Step 3 - Please enter your iCloud account name and password

Enter icloude username
Enter icloude password

Step 4 - Open Cydia impactor and either drag and drop the ipa of file which you downloaded in step 2 or select 'Devices' from the menu and then select 'Install packages'.Then select on the package you want to install. click on 'Open'.

select package want to install

Step 5 - This will take few seconds and then you will your desired app has been installed to your phone.
Enjoy iOS with Tikiri!

What are the paid apps for free in Tikiri

Well, this is intriguing since Tikiri is offering umteen apps so far by now and will be updated with more each day. Also Tikiri has many categories which these apps have parked and you can search under these categories. Below are few apps parked for free from Tikiri to waken up your thirst for iOS paid apps.

headsup app

Heads Up

It's the game The New York Times called a "Sensation," and Cosmopolitan said "will be the best dollar you've spent."



minecraft app


Explore massive multiplayer servers directly from the game menu and play with friends on all different devices.



lemur app


Lemur is the world's best MIDI/OSC controller for iOS



Sky Guide AR app

Sky Guide AR

Just hold it to the sky to automatically find constellations, planets, satellites and more. It is stargazing fun for all ages and experience levels!



iSafePro app


Protect your stuff in spying eyes. Two Password Trick.



FaceTune app


Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones.



Tikiri by Taigone

Taigone Tikiri

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