Jailbreak iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2

jailbreak iOS 14.4

Find the following methods to jailbreak iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2? Some of the methods are Online Jailbreak Tools while others require a PC / Computer/Mac to perform jailbreaking.

Online Jailbreak Tools
Checkra1n Jailbreak

Online Jailbreak Solutions for iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2


TaigOne is a jailbreak tool finder which supports iOS 14.4.x. It is the best online jailbreak solution for iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2. Tap button below to Install Taigone for FREE.

Install TaigOne [with Guide]


TweakMo is another alternative solution for iOS 14.4.x. You can enjoy many iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak tweaks, jailbreak apps, hacked apps and games via TweakMo

Learn More about TweakMo

1. TaigOne

You can install Online Jailbreak Tools for iOS 9 - iOS 14.5 via TaigOne and it supports iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1 and iOS 14.4.2.

It also supports the latest iOS versions like iOS 14.6 / iOS 14.7. And the best thing about Taigone is it supports iOS 15 as well. We tested it in iOS 15 beta 2 and it supports iOS 15 without any issues.

  • TaigOne offers Third-party App Stores. You can have tweaks, jailbreak repo extractors, ++ Apps, Cracked Games, and more.
  • Install Games collections and Cracked games via TaigOne.
  • iOS Customisation apps.
  • Wheelpal, the best way to enable any app in Apple Carplay and it supports iOS 14.4.x.
  • Sileo, Zebra and Cydia Demo apps.

1.1 Colorup

Colorup is the best way to download iOS jailbreak themes for iOS 14.4. Install your favorite themes without jailbreak by installing Colorup .

Learn more about Colorup.

1.2 Jian

Jian is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize your device’s default keyboard layout. You can customize your iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 keyboard with your favorite images using Jian. You can add your loved one's image, nature image or any image you love to see on your keyboard.  Also you can use the Colorup app to get many more pictures to customizes your keyboard.

1.3 iOSGods

iOSGods is a no jailbreak app store that offers jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak. One of the best available resource for you to download iOS tweaks and hacked games for your iOS 14.4 jailbreak or non jailbroken device. Their game libraries and tweak libraries are updating regularly. Also you can add your own IPA files for the iOSGods. Both iOS 14.4 jailbroken and iOS 14.4 non jailbroken users can install iOSGods to have hacked apps, hacked games and more.

1.4 Brexi

Bregxi is a jailbreak repo / Cydia Repo extractor. You can install iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak apps, themes and tweaks via Bregxi.

1.5 Cydia, Sileo and Zebra Demo

You can experience Cydia, Sileo and Zebra package managers without jailbreaking. Those are available as apps in TaigOne to look and feel.

These are few of the TaigOne offerings. You do not need to jailbreak your iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2 running device to install any of these. There are more jailbreak solutions available via TaigOne.

Install TaigOne [with Guide]

2. TweakMo

TweakMo is a Cydia alternative and tweaked app installer. Also you can install hacked apps, hacked games, tweaks, iOS customization via TweakMo. Here are some apps and app stores that TweakMo offers.

  • Panda Helper - Third-party app installer.
  • TweakCC - Tweak compatibility checker.
  • ++ Apps - Enjoy social media ++ apps.
  • Hacked Games
Install TweakMo with Guide

Apart from the iOS Jailbreak Alternatives, Followings are the possible untethered jailbreak tools for iOS 14.4.

Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2

Checkra1n is the only jailbreak tool available for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak. But Checkra1n Jailbreak only supports A5 - A11 devices and the latest devices such as iPhone11 and iPhone12 are not supported.

If you own a newer device, please find visit iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2 Jailbreak Tools section

If you use a newer iOS version like iOS 14.5, iOS 14.6 or iOS 14.7, please find more information at iOS 14.7 Jailbreak page

Before downloading Checkra1n for iOS 14.4 or iOS 14.4.2, you have to check whether it is supported or not for your device. You can easily check it via Checkra1n Downloader.

Checkra1n Downloader

You can check Checkra1n compatibility of your device and download checkra1n using Checkra1n Downloader.

Checkra1n Downloader

Proceed with one of the below steps.

  1. If your device is compatible with Checkra1n you can install Checkra1n for iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2 from Checkra1n Downloader.
  2. If your device is not compatible with Checkra1n you can install jailbreak solutions for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 from here.

See how Checkra1n Downloader works from here.

iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 Jailbreak Possibilities

Now you know Checkra1n is the only available jailbreak tool for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak. But there are possible other jailbreak tools as well for iOS 14.4 & iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak.

1. Unc0ver Jailbreak

Unc0ver supports all devices running on iOS 11 - iOS 14.3. But unc0ver team is probably working on unc0ver for iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1, iOS 14.4.2 and iOS 14.5 versions. If unc0ver release for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2, it will be the first online jailbreak tool for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak.

To know more about unc0ver visit unc0ver jailbreak page.

2. Odyssey Jailbreak

Odyssey supports iOS 13 - iOS 13.7 versions. Odyssey is not yet supported for iOS 14 versions.

To know more about Odyssey visit Odyssey Jailbreak page.

How to Install Cydia on iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.4.2?

You can have Cydia for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak by using Checkra1n. But Checkra1n is not the only method to have Cydia for iOS 14.4 or iOS 14.4.2. If unc0ver releases for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2 jailbreak, you can have Cydia for iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.4.2.

Also you can get Cydia alternatives for iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1 & iOS 14.4.2 devices. If your iOS 14.4 or iOS 14.4.2 running device does not support jailbreak you can install the Cydia Demo app using TaigOne.

Sileo for iOS 14.4.x

Sileo is still not available for iOS 14.4 or iOS 14.4.2. Because there is no jailbreak tool released for iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1, iOS 14.4.2 or iOS 14.5 with Sileo as the default package manager. The main hope is Odyssey. If Odyssey release for iOS 14.4 to iOS 14.5 Sileo will be the default package manager.

For now you can install Sileo Demo app without jailbreak via TaigOne.

iPadOS 14.4 - iPadOS 14.4.2 Jailbreak

Apple also released iPadOS 14.4 parallely to iOS 14.4 release. iPadOS 14.4 - iPadOS 14.4.2 jailbreak is also supported with Checkra1n jailbreak. Same as iOS 14.4, jailbreak alternatives available for iPadOS 14.4.x.