Odyssey jailbreak team lead developer CoolStar (@CStar_OW) announced the new public beta 3 of Odyssey was released via his Twitter account and Discord channel. This latest beta 3 was released a few weeks after the release of the second beta. Odyssey jailbreak will install the Sileo package manager and you will be able to download Cydia and other package managers through it.

The Odyssey is the first and only jailbreak tool that is released as an open-source project to contribute to any other. This adds full support for iOS 13 - iOS 13.5 running A9 - A11 bionic chips included iOS devices.

Install Odyssey Jailbreak

As mentioned on Coolstar's twitter message you will be able to download an ipa file of Odyssey jailbreak public beta 3.

Install Odyssey jailbreak beta 3

Note : Odyssey jailbreak still runs its early beta stages and will contain bugs. There will be available their major public release once they ensure with their newest jailbreak tool. Until then they will continue with their beta releases.

What’s new in Odyssey jailbreak public beta 3

The newest Odyssey public beta 3 contains more bug fixes and improvements. The Coolstar announced the latest changelog on their Chimera/ Odyssey Discord channel. The changelogs say as follows.

  • Fixes 1 - 2 second hang that some users got when opening apps
  • Fixes rare instances of apps crashing on the first launch
  • Should help with black screen issues after jailbreaking
  • A11+ (not A12X) devices are now using the exploit settings from beta 1 [with some minor changes]
  • A12X is using the exploit settings from beta 2
  • A8-A10X exploit remains the same as beta 1 and 2
  • Adds a new SG Lux theme [League of Legends]

Odyssey Jailbreak the new League of Legends theme

You will catch more info from the link below for open Sileo/ Odyssey Discord channel message.

Discord channel

Odyssey Jailbreak is not only the jailbreak tool Coolstar introduced to the jailbreak community. Electra jailbreak and Chimera jailbreak are his other jailbreak tools that were previously released.